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  1. Oh, it was only because I was going to share it on the Expanse group I moderate!
  2. Oh, it seems I got excited far too soon. Looks like this may well be fake news. Apparently that website is pretty notorious for its flimflam. Here's a Reddit I just found...
  3. OMFG... **fans self** Yayyyyyyy! Thanks Ariane - love your internet stalking skills!
  4. About time, too. Unlike this jester who sent me a DM! Did they really think I'd fall for their shenanigans?
  5. Nicole

    I JUST...

    I just.... thought I'd give you all a quick update (if you're interested)! The move is afoot! Our dithering bluff has been called by our landlord, who wants to sell our flat, so we've been given until October 30th to get the hell out of Dodge! We discussed selling our house, and buying another but a) we'd have to ask our friends, who are renting from us, to vacate - that seems mean, b) there really wouldn't be enough time. Our friends (C & R) are planning to move overseas next year anyway so that C can finish her astrophysics doctorate, and then join the ESA... which being here would be difficult to do. So we'll sell our house when they move out. In the meantime, we're going to rent one. We're going to stay with K's mum next week - which will be the first time we've seen her for months, of course - and will be viewing properties over the weekend. A couple we were supposed to be looking at have already gone (grr!), which is a big shame because one was literally a 10 minute walk from my MIL. But que sera sera! As much as I'd love to move ASAP (because I am impatient!), we do have three months to find somewhere, and the market changes so rapidly, our perfect home could be just weeks away. I feel a bit like Harry and Ron trying to get a date for the Yule ball right now though! In other news, my daughter is expecting her second child. Bit of a surprise as she was told it would be unlikely she'd be able to have any more. R is 12 now, so he really is going to be a big big brother! I couldn't be happier for her, although I am slightly nervous because she's had several miscarriages. But once we move, we'll be geographically closer, so at least I can be a bit more available if she needs me. So that's me - what have you all been up to? xx
  6. Awww, thank you both so much! Takes one to know one... or in this instance, two!
  7. Oh, no one could, and should, dispute the Miller love. Not ever. Not even a little bit! I suspect that Pop Culture 'piece' may be bot-written. Even so, a humie must have put in some keywords... a humie who clearly knows nothing about The Expanse!
  8. I have never seen Miller wear a fedora. "... on the force, with the crew of the Rocinante, or really anywhere he goes." Fixed it! The Cant was long gone by the time Miller meets the crew at the Blue Falcon. Except he doesn't! He leaves it in his hole when he leaves Ceres, and doesn't don it again until he becomes The Investigator - hence Holden asking him about the hat because when Miller was alive, none of the crew of the Roci ever saw him wearing it! And technically, Holden never sees Miller wearing the hat because The Investigator isn't Miller, it's just the protomolecule assuming a familiar form... and why there's the distinction between it and the real (Proto)Miller on Ilus. And why it's Miller (who always appears hatless) who helps destroy the artefact, and not The Investigator. I know I'm being pedantic but I do wish people who are paid to do a job would do it properly! That said, overall, it's not a bad article at all! And certainly not as bad as this piece of dren.
  9. Oh, it would be really fab to finally all be able to meet up, wouldn't it? Let's keep our fingers crossed! Thanks for the heads-up re. Tom, Geoff!
  10. Thank you! He's 12! Glad you had a chilled day with 'im indoors! Flowers, cake, pressies... how lovely! Hope you manage to get away soon! It was a lovely day but utterly exhausting! At the best of times, we live a very quiet life, even more so thanks to the lockdown. It was a bit of a shock to the system to suddenly have three more people in my home, two of whom spoke constantly! There was a lot of catching up to do... and much laughter! My grandson is lovely, and seems to be very much like me in that he is really quiet. I'm currently wishing I'd prepped a bit better for work, and made sure I could take today off to recover!
  11. On the plus side, it means there's a greater chance for me being able to attend, and meet my fellow RAWarriors... so all's well in the world, after all!
  12. Thank you so much, Gail! I had no idea our birthdays are so close... how cool is that?! Ha ha! Looking forward to seeing my daughter tomorrow... and finally meeting my grandson! x That's because the best people are born in July, Geoff! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! x
  13. Well, I hope you had a wonderful day, regardless. What did you do to celebrate?
  14. Eeeeee.... happy cakeday lady! Wishing you the loveliest of birthdays - not just today but all weekend. I hope you spoiled rotten, and thoroughly pampered! Do you have any special plans?
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