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  1. Thanks for the pics! I was in a withdrawal since the IG iatus. He’s into his white isn’t he. Love his Miller’s hair too.
  2. First acquisition for Renegade, and it’s a horror movie. No wonder, since TJ seems to love the genre and he’s been cast in various horror movies too. For me, it’s like watching heaven and hell at the same time when he’s in it! Does anyone know a little more about the plot and which character do you think he would play?
  3. How many of these goodies are available?
  4. A question for the Boss, whenever he feels like. You seem like a very hard working person , running different projects on the side, intense acting schedules ... what motivates you to keep on going, as I would imagine you’ve had plenty of fame love and money, and many actors and actresses are quite happy to disappear once they’ve done all that. It’s also true that for some others the phone just stops ringing, unwillingly. So why is TJ still talking on the phone, where do you find your energy? Do you enjoy the waves of popularity or is it passion?
  5. I woke up this afternoon Greenwich time still thinking about last night’s chat with Mr Jane. I’m very new to him and surprised I let him pass me by for so long. How could I have missed an handsome actor who’s not dumb for a change, a rock star with fine taste, a graphic novels lover on top of it? These are rare qualities in the industry I think. So thank u Geoff for running this place and for getting me to know a little more about an all round cool guy who’s worth my time following. I’ll be thinking of another question for Mr J later xx
  6. This was fun, I’m glad I joined, thanks for organising. Damn I almost miss the chat! Xx
  7. True. I’m not even sure if the legendary Forbidden Planet still exist in London West End. So many fond memories there!
  8. You sound like a tireless worker, always shooting movies or planning other projects. Do you ever go away on a break, and if so what kind of holidaymaker are you? Do u prefer the cities, the beach or the snow?
  9. Tell u what, Blue Skies is my little girls’ favourite song ever. They are only six years old. Call it a good education
  10. U look like Tom Waits in that picture!
  11. Hi Thomas, how are you, how surreal to be messaging you, I hope you’re having a pleasant enough afternoon. Congratulations on your long and diverse career. I hope I will still see of you in many years to come. Can u describe your typical day now, and how does it differ from when u were starting off as an actor in LA? You’re sooo cool as Miller! Love u, Anna Clara Twin mum London
  12. Nice to meet you Rosella and thank you for the recommendations. I love comic books too, do you know if it’s possible to download samples of the RAW ones? X
  13. Hi Al, I hope you have prepared some cool questions for Mr T, because I couldn’t think of many, except what do u do in your free time and do u ever read the comments!
  14. Hi Everyone, I thought I’d introduce myself before we all start shooting questions at TJ! I also checked him out after watching The Expanse and was shocked to learned he is the dude from Deep Blue Sea! I remember that movie so well, such a crowd pleaser. So what’s going to happen later, do we just post the questions under the new thread? Hugs to All xx
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