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  1. Al.

    TJ Q & A

    Thanks a lot, to both of you. It was a great Q&A!
  2. Al.

    TJ Q & A

    An awesome festival
  3. Al.

    TJ Q & A

    Thank you! I will definetly check that.
  4. Al.

    TJ Q & A

    Hi Thomas! Thank you for being here tonight with us, I hope you are doing well. Have you some comics/books recommendations to give? What are your favorites? Thank you for your job on The Expanse and Miller. It was amazing, and deeply moving. Love that character – and the hat!
  5. Thank you for the music and the enthusiam Enaira, nice choice
  6. Hi Anna! Maybe you'll be inspired by the creativity of the others? But I'm sure you'll be perfectly fine Thanks Rosella for your warm welcome It is, yes! I don't really have a favorite Holmes, I think that every interpration is interesting in its own way. But Cumberbatch is definetly great, indeed! And maybe, who knows
  7. Following my friend Chris, it's time to properly introduce myself too. I'm Al, and currently working as a librarian in Montreux, Switzerland -famously known for its Jazz Festival and for the Deep Purple song Smoke on the water, if that rings a bell. I'm also working as a guide in a Sherlock Holmes Museum nearby, calling myself a true Holmesian since... the moment I was able to read, I guess. And reading is definetly one of my greatest passions, besides writing and music. That's how I discoverd The Expanse books, before watching the TV show. And so... here I am! I'm looking forward to discover more of RAW here and to get to know you all better
  8. Al.

    Fedcon 2019

    It would be nice to see you there, indeed! And we will, of course.
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