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  1. Al.

    The Expanse

    Fine by me as well Don't know if anyone else ordered The Expanse artbook, but I've just received mine! It's gorgeous, and very interesting. But a -small- warning about it: there's a part about season 4 at the end. No majors spoilers I think, but just in case, it may be better not to look at it too much before watching S4
  2. Al.

    The Expanse

    Good idea! Don't know when I'll be able to watch the whole season neither. Weeks before Chrismas are always busy, and I've planned to watch the show with friends, as we did for season 3. So we'll have to find days when everyone's free x) But I guess by the end of december, it should be ok?
  3. Al.

    The Expanse

    Just found some nice words on twitter, Here and There about the set
  4. Al.

    The Expanse

    Thanks a lot Ariane, didn't have the time to check A guy worth following then! That's a good question. I don't think it was officially announced -yet- on the serie social media.
  5. Al.

    The Expanse

    I've just found this picture on the Twitter of one of the directors of the show -I think-. They all look nice in pink (Also, a lot of set building it seems... that looks very promising!)
  6. So glad for you, congrats And feel free to share your passion here, you're in the right place to do so if you want
  7. Al.

    Crown Vic

    Great pics! Hope all went well for everyone over there, and it's nice to have some news
  8. Al.

    The Expanse

    I thought about that too! (In french, it's "Where is Charlie" )
  9. Al.

    The Expanse

    We trust you Yep, but I believe the picture was released only some days ago! Thank you for the Instagram, I hope so as well I guess they have some limits on what they can show or not on social medias. But at the same time, it's part of communication and marketing nowadays. I only use Twitter from time to time, too much informations for me to follow there. But that can be useful sometimes, and it's more reactive than Instagram or Fb ^^
  10. Al.

    The Expanse

    Can you find Tom in here? (From The Expanse Production Team Twitter)
  11. Al.

    The Expanse

    I follow him on Insta, he's indeed very interesting and talented!
  12. Al.


    Agreed Mark Hamill is a favorite of mine, but Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson brought each something more and unique to the character, it's hard to choose between those interpretations now...
  13. Al.


    Congrats Geoff It's well deserved, as you seem very passionate about it. I hope you will enjoy the experience
  14. Great news, can't wait to see the design
  15. Al.


    It is violent, physically and mentally. The atmosphere is heavy from the very beginning till the end. But personally, I didn't find it particulary more violent than others crime movies (like the Millenium Saga) or than the Nolan Batman trilogy, for example. I couldn't watch two or three scenes, but that happens quiet a lot when I watch movies or series with violence. I guess it depends on your sensibility and what you can bear to watch in general on screen
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