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  1. Al.

    Forum Upgrade

    So cool! Thanks a lot It's nice to have a place to share our thoughts and passions. Even if I don't always have the time to comment, it's a pleasure to read you all and see where you're up to, along with the RAW news
  2. Al.

    The Expanse

    That's an awesome news! Thank you for sharing it with us Geoff I'm very curious to see what his contribution to the serie will be, behind the camera this time. It will be interesting to hear him speak about his acting and directing experience in the show after that. Regardless of what happens to Miller, it's nice to know he'll still be around in S5 So, to our topic... : - I think I remember him saying he read the first two books some time ago. If he hasn't, will he read books 3 to 5, regarding to his director work? Or does he prefer not to be influenced by the source material?
  3. Take care Gotkor Nice pun indeed! I'm quiet curious with this project. It's a subject that surely needs to be discussed now.
  4. Al.

    TJ TOP 3

    100% agree More seriously, I'm far from having watch all his work, but so far, here are my choices: The Expanse: He is perfect for this role, and still manages to make Miller even better than in the books. Plus, the serie in itself is awesome, the cast amazing... I could write an all essay on it I think, but you all see my point. Hung: Like some of you, I wasn't expecting a lot of this show. But I was surprised to find that the serie is more entertaining and moving than I thought. Again, great characters and actors. The serie is quiet fun and hopeful, despite its sometimes brutal despiction of the post-economic crisis US. The Mist: I have to tell you, I'm not a great fan of horror movies... But this movie did its job, as it traumatized me completly Stephen King stories often do, but this one... *shivers* I still want to give honorable mention to some short format/cameo works, and thus shamefully skip the 3 favorites rule x) Scott Pilgrim: I love the Vegan Police! So sad to have missed the Funko Pop of these two... (and still hoping for some The Expanse figurines...) Dirty Laundry: I actually prefer this short story to the actual movie... I felt more connections with the character of Frank Castle in this video ^^ The World's Biggest Asshole!: A funny and important commercial. I'd love to see that movie! But it's quiet difficult to find and I don't have a US code DVD player unfortunately... But someday, I'll find a way But from what I've seen of it, the drag queens convinced me
  5. Al.

    The Expanse

    We have the same sources I see It's nice to see what they up to besides The Expanse. Cool! Well, Social Media can indeed give this impression, as it's so easy to follow them But as long as you don't bother them in their private life, I think you're OK True
  6. Al.

    The Expanse

    Maybe that's only early tests before the official start of the shooting? I saw that Jeremy Benning -the director of photography- posted some pictures/videos about the lights/camera of S5 on his instagram as well Dom and Wes don't seem to be anywhere near Toronto though -if the shooting still happens to be there.
  7. Al.

    The Expanse

    I love Steven, but that's definetly something that could happen to Holden! No book spoilers, but... I mean yeah, that character is ALWAYS in trouble somehow. It's almost like he's doing this on purpose, even if you know he's just like that. And Steven's acting is perfect. Those sad/lost puppy eyes, that's completly Holden... All your ideas are great Ariane! Can't find more, but I will think about it ^^
  8. Al.

    The Expanse

    I remember someone asking James SA Corey on Twitter if there will be a novella about Miller before book one. Can't find the answer right now, but I think he tweeted back it wouldn't be that interesting or original, as it would only be another story of a character slowly falling into alcoholism and despair, like so many others. Something like that. But that was some time ago, and with TJ and all the writers team of the show, that could be quiet different. That would surely be great Otherwise, if you can indeed find this comic, I would definetly recommend it! It shows the backstory of Holden, Naomi, Amos, Alex and Miller in a new way, different and complementary to the books and the TV show. I totally agree!!! Can't wait to see "that" particular event on screen, and all the reactions I briefly discussed it with Wes Chatham and Steven Strait in Fedcon, they're very impatient too x)
  9. Al.

    The Expanse

    It started through a kickstater project, and I guess it was officialy approved, as James SA Corey wrote an exclusive short-story at the beginning of the rules book, as Goktor mentioned it. In any case, it's very complete and true to the spirit of the books and show so far. I still have some work to do though, and learn to be a proper game master If you want to take a look at it, here's the link to the publisher's website Wow, 2 businesses, that's impressive oO We'll see for Naomi, but at least, that will be a suprise even for those who've read the book And I saw that a board game existed, but never get the opportunity tu buy it... One thing at a time. And it would be great to play either of these games together at a RAWunion! Was thinking exactly the same thing It's a good news to have some european event, even though the announce is quiet late. It might be difficult to organise an express travel for Paris next month, but who knows...
  10. Al.

    The Expanse

    Hi there! (And welcome Goktor ) Sorry for the absence, these past few weeks have been insane at work... I'm trying to catch up what was going on in here, might take some time x) First of all, I'm so jealous of all the lucky ones who will be able to attend NYC CC next month! But can't wait to have more infos about S4. As Goktor mentionned it, S4 will most probably adapt all of book 4, Cibola Burn. But we can't be 100% sure for now, I don't know what will change with Amazon on the game -except for huge promo they give the serie in comparison to Syfy, which it's great. Hopefully, they will go on this way, one season - one book. I find it more logical, as each book has its own themes, characters and stories. From the trailer, we can there are clearly some changes from the book, but the global plot should be the same, just like past season I would say. And yes, we can confirm that the investigator will have a huge role in that season, and maybe give us some clues about Protomolecule creators... It would be awesome if they find a way to adapt the novellas as well, indeed! Besides all these great news, I've also been busy studying this lately... Any RPG fans in here? (There are some pics of our favorite detective, I will try to upload them here soon)
  11. Al.

    The Expanse

    Can't wait for this new season, looks very promising! It seems Amazon is doing a really great job, and I didn't expect the serie to be renewed so soon, that's amazing Coming back from vacation and having all these wonderful news... It's like Christmas coming early this year BTW, has anyone here read the books? I've just finished book 7 and had to buy book 8 because of its cliffhanger ending...
  12. Al.

    The Expanse

    Pleasure! I was not there nor involved for this interview, or any other. They were made by a -famous?- guy apparently doing videos about the show, from what I understood. But Steven was asked quiet the same question at his panel with Wes Chatam. I posted the video link in the Fedcon topic Unfortunately, I did not help interview Shoreh. Wish I did though lol Still don't know if I'll be able to make the trip... But it would be a delight to see you again, or meet others RAWarriors, for sure! Part of The Expanse cast was there in previous years, but I think nothing was announced so far for this edition.
  13. Al.

    The Expanse

    Small interviews with Steven Strait HERE on Twitter, the second one is again about Miller and Thomas Jane And, judging by this official and subtle tweet, it seems we'll get some news about season 4 during San Diego Comic Con next month. Hopefully, a release day, a trailer or some pics Wait and see...
  14. Al.

    The Expanse

    Love that podcast. I've listened to every episode. It's always very interesting if you follow the show. Usually, they have an actor as a guest to talk about the episode of the week, and both Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, AKA James S.A. Corey, writers of the books. And that one was obiously among the best. Sadly, I think it won't be continued, as the show is no more on Syfy... But maybe a new podcast will be released for season 4 with Amazon, who knows! I saw that photo on Dominique's Instagram I think, it's very nice indeed! (Poor working guy, hope he had some drinks as well ). It reminds me of another great pic of the season 4 filming. I screend it from one of Frankie Adams' Story on Instagram, if I remember well. Which explains the poor quality, sorry...
  15. Al.

    Fedcon 2019

    It was a pleasure to represent Raw over there. And thanks Chris for the nice pics Actually, Frankie was one of the last we saw for the autograph session that day. She was super nice from the beginning, and they all were. But they surely became even more nicer after they received the chocolate indeed! That helped a lot breaking the ice and starting the conversation, especially as I am a bit shy and quickly impressed. And it's Frankie who said that she had to hide her chocolate from Wes, as she presumed he would be tempted to steal it. And if that was not the case, she added she would steal his! As we said it, they have a lot of fun together and that's quiet obvious. That's the one! Thank you, you surely are a true detective, just like Miller And I'm impressed by your memory as well! Remembering all those details... He's quiet nice indeed (Yeah, you can find a picture of me with Cas Anvar somewhere on Twitter now...) Well, it was as pleasant and intersesting to meet you as it was to meet the cast, so you deserve the chocolate as much as they do And thanks for the report of your panels! Oh, and I found a video of Steven Strait talking a bit about Thomas Jane, as mentionned in my previous post. Click HERE to see it on Twitter, quiet interesting!
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