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  1. That's a good question Gail My problem is I tend to forget the movies I particularly disliked And, to be fair, I don't often hate a movie. Usually it's more a "Meh" reaction. That being said, the last movie I remember being strongly disappointed by -and even angry at- is probably Suicide Squad. I found it ugly, non-coherent, with bad acting, boring characters and bad rythm. I usually don't have super high expectations with superheroes movies, but with this one... I don't know. The concept was interesting and full of potential, but the result was a complete mess. A joke even, and a bad one. The fact that I had to pay an rather expensive cinema ticket to see it surely didn't help... But somehow, some people seem to like it. Good for them I suppose ^^ Everyone has the right to love or hate a movie, there's no accounting for taste. I haven't watched Ad Astra, and didn't planned to, especially knowing your opinion about it now x)
  2. Al.

    The Expanse

    Same here I can advise you to read the book though, if you haven't. Regarding Miller, both S4 and book 4 have their own interesting point of view, and are complementary to each other
  3. Al.

    The Expanse

    Loved those bloopers And we've finished S4 yesterday, so... I remember seing theses scenes, but not where... Anyway, thanks! Never a bad thing to watch it again
  4. Saw the news on Insta, it's so great, I'm happy for you, UK folks Don't think I'll be able to go over there, but I'm counting on you to represent RAW! It would be awesome indeed!
  5. A happy new year to all of you! I wish you all the best for 2020, and thank you for being part of that beautiful RAW journey
  6. Thanks a lot for that post BTW, I completly forgot it was that day, with the holidays and Christmas stress. You're a true influencer now Unfortunatly, that happens a lot when these themes are discussed... But it proves we need documentaries like this one, so I hope we'll have more in the future. Thanks for your work in any case
  7. Smokers in my family are either very creative, or very lazy. Seashell, dishes, plants, wine glasses, beer mugs, plastic skulls... As long as it can do the job, I guess x) That being said, my father uses this ashtray for cigars. Clearly, it's more "design" and sophisticated ^^
  8. Al.

    The Expanse

    Pleasure Well, it seems these playlists are "curated" by the actual actresses and actors of the characters, with a spacial message from Cara "Drummer" Gee, so who knows? But it's nice to discover theses songs and what a good idea!
  9. I've seen more extravagant choices of ashtrays
  10. We watched it as well on Arte, very interesting This ending was perfect. The lemon press was indeed intriguing, we wonder if it's used as an ashtray x)
  11. Al.

    The Expanse

    Are you talking about this playlist?
  12. Al.


    I agree with you on the comparison. Glad you liked the movie as well
  13. Al.


    Thank you Gail, see you soon
  14. Al.


    Wishing you all a merry Christmas, and the best for the new year Thanks to everyone for making this forum a beautiful place to chat and share our passions. I'm glad to be here and to discover the news of 2020 with you, RAWarriors
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