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  1. Mad_Anthony

    TJ Q & A

    Thank you Tom hope you had a good time at the birthday party and picked out a good gift haha I will check out John Fante thank you
  2. Mad_Anthony

    TJ Q & A

    Or “standoff” !!
  3. Mad_Anthony

    TJ Q & A

    Thanks Geoff that was a cool experience with the Q and A ....and a film suggestion “the Green book” awesome film Tony lip was great in sopranos ...and just finished season 3 of sneaky Pete on amazon prime cheers
  4. Mad_Anthony

    TJ Q & A

    wow the good stuff ...also I enjoyed the movie “the last time I committed suicide” I know Neil Cassady was big for the Beat Generation actually that movie got me to check out Big Sur .what other authors are you into ? How do you feel about bukowski ? And will you be at comic con this year in CA or NY?
  5. Mad_Anthony

    TJ Q & A

    Hey Tom what’s your favorite go to cigar ?
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