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  1. Ha! I've painted myself stuck in the corner of the room!
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    Renegade bosses Tom and Lauren will give a keynote speech at the Entertainment Finance Forum on Feb 13th: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/claire-scanlon-thomas-jane-lead-lineup-at-entertainment-finance-forum-1275210 ********************* 4:00 – 4:45 pm Monetizing Traditional and Alternative Content Through Streaming Platforms Actor Thomas Jane and producer Courtney Lauren Penn have teamed up to form new content company, Renegade Entertainment, with the Stephen King novel adaptation From A Buick 8 as their first project. Additionally, The Expanse star and Penn are currently working on a series of projects including original and established IP, features, series, graphic novels, gaming, and live content. Gain insight into what they’ve got in store for Renegade’s streaming strategies! A KEYNOTE CONVERSATION WITH: Thomas Jane, Actor, Director, Writer and Co-Founder, Renegade Entertainment Courtney Lauren Penn, Producer and Co-Founder, Renegade Entertainment ******************* To learn more about what's in the pipeline at Renegade will be a highlight!
  3. Yes I totally get it. Never meet your heroes they say...
  4. Well what can I say... the Renegade topics are very well locked though (to my delight, because I like surprises). I can imagine how Tom insisted to add a clause of confidentiality written in blood on the contracts! As long as I find pieces of information I'll post here, that's sure.
  5. I've FINALLY been able to watch 1922 tonight great movie, it feels like I'm in trance right now. The slow pace, the snow storm, the background voice and this river of rats... Ah, you know I love details and here are a few that struck me. - When Wil sees his wife going to bed and decides to turn away... the very next shot he's holding and "opening" a corn in the most suggestive way... is it because I'm French or did Gail leave her mark on me? Anyway, before you know it, he's snapping the "corn" in two and throwing it apart. A symbol for the whole plot, very elegantly placed. - When he's shaving and observing his family through the window pane. The image is blurred, which fits well with the fact that he's "spying", but it also occured to me that in 1922, float glass had not been invented yet. So it's also historically true to not see well through a window pane. - And during that same scene... I LOVED the 2 flies strolling around on his mirror. So real and true! - Finally, you may have noticed that several months ago, a prosthesis artist has posted a picture of Wilf's left arm on Insta. It's only visible for a few seconds in the movie but required days of work! I'd love to hear Tom tell us if it was freakingly similar to his own arm. In any case I am thankful for the crew creating all these details to make a movie feel like a real experience. Well done! And thanks Gail for the VFX video, impressive!
  6. By all means! I know what you mean 'cause Insta was mean to me until Nicole explained the meaning of it all and bent it right for my meaningless pleasure.
  7. Nicole, you might want to book a single day ticket, 'cause Wes will be there
  8. Oh this one was hard on me too. I love Indiana Jones movies, of course, because they're great and because you know... Harrison... I actually don't think much of sequels but IJ3 proved me wrong. I really enjoyed the humor. So you can imagine how happy I was to hear about Crystal Skull... and then that
  9. YEAH! The première of Hour of Lead will happen at the Mammoth Film Festival, Feb 27th - March 2nd: https://www.broadwayworld.com/amp/c.php?url=Mammoth-Film-Festival-Announces-2020-Lineup-20200129 Great news! The film is ready to be shown. Geoff do you happen to have news about a DVD or streaming release?
  10. Nicole, just grab the work in plain air while it's flying towards you and send it back with all your force (including a post-it with your invoice).
  11. Hasko has uploaded the trailer of "Real Men" on his YouTube channel:
  12. Is this one legit, Geoff?
  13. A second trailer is available: *spoilers*, of course.
  14. I bet there will be other cast members from the Expanse announced soon, since the Wales ComicCon posted "The Expanse" a few weeks ago without any further notice, as a kind of teaser. We now have Tom and Burn, Dominique is a logical bet I presume.
  15. Good question Gail. I'm with Tanya on this one.
  16. Hey Tanya! Nice to meet you! If I were you I would head into the dark side with eyes wide opened. Otherwise you might miss some of the posts, we're mainly silent in here (except Gail when she read about the Wales ComicCon ). I enjoyed Eyes Wide Shut by the way! This velvet light... it was really different from anything else at that time.
  17. Hi Gail, I love the old Star Wars movies and am also disappointed about the "first" trilogy. To be fair, I didn't see Rogue One and the last SW movie. I quite liked Rey, she's strong and sympathetic but the whole story is meh. Someone explained to me that since Disney bought the rights, they've been trying to tie a younger audience. Which makes sense from a marketing perspective. And use the childhood of Anakin as a kind of "Harry Potter" effect where the kids can grow with the hero. I believe they achieved that, at the cost of losing the long time (OLD) fans. Now.... we can discuss whether or not a movie for kids needs a good plot and good script I say yes!
  18. You know with his newly gained "free time", he might lurk around here and check all the nonsense you're writing
  19. Happy birthday Sundance! Wishing you an awesome day with lots of fun and surprises.
  20. Hello clan! BIG HUG TO ALL OF YOU! (Even the lurkers! Feel yourself embraced right now) I'm doing it for your health and... also because I really grew very found of the RAW family. https://www.awarenessdays.com/awareness-days-calendar/national-hug-day-2020/
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    No no! Use the advice of Ethan Hunt, first wear a mask. And then mhwahaha, once you've taken it off nobody will know it was you
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    Will the 3 months of practice be enough?
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