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  1. Well done Thomas and team! Universal appraisal of his performance, night work as he prefers, a controversial moustache Can't wait to see it...
  2. Sales to start in Cannes... does that mean that Thomas will need/want to be there as well? https://www.screendaily.com/news/bleiberg-entertainment-boards-thomas-jane-katrina-bowden-thriller-the-orchard-exclusive/5138725.article Is he doing a European tour during mid May and early June?
  3. I know what you mean, but we don't have to like the characters. His job is to be an excellent chameleon. And at that he is supreme.
  4. Hi Geoff, my favourite until now is RAW8, if somehow possible in black with orange logo. Let's hear what the other think about it?
  5. Hi science fiction fans, I searched the forum but didn't find this awesome book within these walls. In my opinion it deserves to be here near to so many other great artists. The Windup Girl takes place in future Thaïland. The ambiance is kind of blade runner noir but combined with the sun and colours of Thaïland it leaves a large space for creativity and the images in my head are in nothing similar to what I have seen before. Here you are: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Windup_Girl Enjoy! Ariane
  6. Hello forum, I just read in the news that Enki Bilal will join the jury of the 2019 Cannes Festival! He has a great talent and I am very happy about this choice. Each drawing in his books is framed perfectly and could be a movie still. See, anything can happen to talented graphic novel creators https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.france24.com/en/20190429-cannes-jury-elle-fanning-yorgos-lanthimos-enki-bilal
  7. Good morning, there's also this interview: See you around!
  8. Wonderful photo! It has found the perfect frame in this forum.
  9. Hello forum, I cannot resist and send you this link showing the relative sizes of objects in the near and far universe. I like it especially because it shows Ceres near the Moon at the beginning and it doesn't forget Ganymede. All important places for The Expanse fans...
  10. Thank you Geoff and Thomas! it's fantastic to receive the photos more or less live in this forum. There's also a superb portrait in the same serie: https://deadline.com/gallery/deadline-studio-at-tribeca-film-festival-2019-day-2-thomas-jane-zoey-deutch-sabrina-carpenter-more/ I cannot paste the picture here, it is too big and I don't know how to reduce the resolution on my iPad. It seems like an heresy to reduce the quality anyway... I like the badass look very much.
  11. Hello Geoff, here again my 2 cents: RAW5: similar to my original vision (but I didn't think about the sleeve). In the meantime a bit "boring" because you showed me with RAW4 what could be done. RAW6: I prefer the logo in orange than in white, it has more contrast. The color of the shirt itself is okay but less classy than black. The frame around the logo in the back is not necessary in my opinion. RAW7: good colors, personnally I prefer all logos in orange or in black (here the sleeve is white). Conclusion: my favorite is still RAW4 because of the drawings with slight mods or RAW7 with slight mods. In both cases I have a dilemma because of the zipper. But that's second priority.
  12. Enaira

    Tsunami LA

    Water wall Liquid confrontation Liquidity panic in LA
  13. Enaira

    Tsunami LA

    Geoff, what does Hell-A mean? never heard this before.
  14. Now speaking about spending money and collectible items... do you know where I could buy a Bad Planet novel? Seems kind of a misplaced question. I am sorry to be so late on this forum. But I'd like to have one I could call mine. Maybe there are some prints left?
  15. I'm ok with the price. Even probably a bit more for a hoodie? We'll see.
  16. My 2 cents: RAW1 is the "classic" version RAW2 looks fantastic with the color combination and the round part used as a planet. Although I understand the idea behind, it is maybe not authentic to put RAW and The Expanse in the same logo? RAW3 is completely different and really RAW. But strangely not my favourite (I am new here and got accustomed to the new logo with the R) RAW4 is the one I currently prefer until I change my mind Here I would take the orange part from the lower banner away because it is repeating. By doing this the drawings can be scaled bigger and gain importance. I feel this is RAW from my humble newbie point of view. I am also looking forward to a bad planet drawing on the sleeve. Hot Earl Grey container YES!
  17. Yes logo on the sleeve is a good idea. You are right, the "RAW Studios" in writing with the webpage address is also important (logo alone would be just for people who know RS already and therefore not ok I guess). BTW the positive aspect of a sweat shirt/hoodie is the opening with a zipper on the front. But here also it will depend on what the chosen shop can deliver.
  18. Thanks Geoff for organizing this. My first thought was to buy a woman sweat-shirt (size XL because I am tall), with a medium size logo on the front (left hand side) and a larger one in the back? The R logo from RAW is perfect I think. The colour... hmmm... orange like this forum with a black logo might be a bit intrusive. I don't know to what extent Tom is willing to keep the original design? I would prefer black colour with an orange logo of it's possible? But basically I will follow all your decision. I am not too picky I believe. I guess it all depends on which products will be available. A T-shirt instead of a sweat-shirt would also be an idea.
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