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    TJ Q & A

    Wow I understand better now, thank you! The kiss with Julie isn't in the book. I read somewhere that you and Florence improvised. Can you tell us how it happened exactly? The idea came during rehearsal or during shooting? And what were the first reactions of Abraham and Franck? On what did you sit during that scene? Your position looks strange, were you sitting at all? Or were you suffering leg muscles burns for the beauty of the scene? I guess the room was completely green? Or did you have blue lights? It is by the way the most beautiful, unexpected, dangerous, romantic, cult kiss of sci-fi history along with Han Solo and Leia. Your voice… your vac suit… your sexy nuc pet… You’ve been exploding the neurons and synapses of several thousands of viewers here. Job extremely well done!
  2. Enaira

    TJ Q & A

    Have you read the poems of Rosella and Gail in this forum? They're really nice. I recommend reading them and you'll feel high with butterflies in your belly Enjoy ! http://rawstudios.invisionzone.com/topic/2593-today-1504-worldwide-art-day/
  3. Enaira

    TJ Q & A

    Awesome !
  4. Enaira

    TJ Q & A

    I would be interested to know how you prepare your voice BTS just before shooting the scene? Any specific/recurrent exercises? It is fascinating how you can play with your organ. Vocal organ. (Don’t wanna be banned from here, feels comfy and I like it here).
  5. Enaira

    TJ Q & A

    Expanse question: how difficult/different was it to say your lines through a vac suit helmet? During the reunion scene with proto Julie the sound of your voice changes towards the end when you get nearer to her as if you were speaking from inside a fish tank. Was this effect wanted due to the camera close-up or did the mic move inside the helmet?
  6. Enaira

    TJ Q & A

    Ahoy Thomas! Time is short, we all wish to have a bite at you, so I'll be quick: "Mille merci et bravo!". For everything. I truly mean it. Can you share a few words about the setting of this Q&A: it will help to visualize how all this fun takes place and is made possible. Are you in an interior scene (office, home, how’s the light)? Or is it outdoors? Can you tell us if you are typing yourself or is someone helping out so you can concentrate on the next question?
  7. Thomas is in the house ! You can all cheer now !!
  8. Doesn't the bell ring at 23pm in the pubs in the UK? We have to hurry to order.
  9. Well, it was on my watchlist for sure but now it has went up to the top. I will follow your advice asap and watch Thomas embrace madness then... it sounds like a hell of a job. I wonder how long a character with such a traumatic experience sticks to the actor after the performance. Oh wait no! The Q&A is only in 4 hours!
  10. I haven't seen the movie myself Yet.
  11. Another great appraisal! https://www.goexpress.co.za/2019/05/17/1922-is-a-must-see/
  12. Happy birthday Geoff! I am wishing you a great day with family and friends, and an even greater evening with your other family and friends Ariane
  13. Good news from Cannes, John Carpenter has received the "Golden Coach" award today. I honestly didn't know it existed until today. I'll die less idiot now. I think it's a good news because Cannes seems to shake up the dust a little bit. It is recognizing a genre that was not in the spotlight at all during the past decades in this festival. Plus the opening today with the zombies of Jim Jarmusch! Saw a pic of Iggy Pop, looks like he had fun...
  14. Please excuse me if off topic. Before joining this forum, IMDB was my reference. Not necessarily in terms of commentaries to the various movies but we were definitely looking at the rating prior to watching a movie. So I am wondering who decides to include information on IMDB? Here if we take an example out of the blue: Crimson Blues for Thomas Jane. Who has written this information on IMDB? Where does the information come from?
  15. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    Fantastic news! But the wait is excruciating...
  16. Hey there, I just read this thread (one month here and still not finished discovering stuff. Grandiose). It looks very much like something I would love. The images so far are stunning. I put my name on the waiting list!
  17. Ok I will make a daring comparison. In some strange way, Bad Planet reminded me of "Dog Man" by Dav Pilkey. Obviously not due to the drawings. But the whole humor, second degree, linguistic jokes. The first glimpse brings the thought of a very simple plot and script. But once you're hooked you notice how much work it is to reach that B movie feeling/childish feeling (for Dog Man). Genius!
  18. Wow. That was really "nice"! I didn't expect so much humor in Bad Planet. Second degree all the time, with references. Great drawings, unexpected twists. I was reading the 3rd issue during lunch break in my office. Discovered the 3D glasses in the book and just sat there reading and giggling, smiling to myself. It was great! 3D is pure fun and changes everything. A bubble of fresh air. A neuronal draught when you most need it. Thank you Thomas & team...
  19. Enaira

    Fedcon 2019

    Yes! I'll be there on Saturday only. Let's contact per message on Friday evening so you can suggest a place and time. Welcome aboard by the way Looking forward to meeting you.
  20. Enaira


    Most of all it sounds like a lot of script just between the two of them a closed environment... psychology more than horror?
  21. Enaira


    Sounds like a somewhat different shooting ! Will most certainly not be boring. In ... the Bahamas? Tahiti?
  22. Hi Geoff, this is great news, I'll create a PayPal account tomorrow. Can't wait to order and get my own RAW T-Shirt. See you, Ariane
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