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  1. Genius! Looking forward to watching these episodes. It's crazy fun for both them and their fans They've put the confinement time to good use and now know their new house from all possible positions! I mean, you know, camera positions!
  2. It is hilarious! If this ain't love...
  3. July 10th!! Money plane will be available on digital platforms in the USA: https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2020/06/quiver-distribution-lands-action-thriller-money-plane-starring-adam-copeland-kelsey-grammer-1202949583/amp/ This one was really fast ! Covid 19 didn't slow down the post production team apparently.
  4. Enaira


    Great, thank you! This was the answer I was hoping to receive and the information about 2 new projects is awesome!
  5. Enaira


    @Geoff could you please shed some light as well here? Will the game continue? Or is the announcement postponed? There was the long memorial weekend and Anne's birthday, so everybody was busy at Renegade but now the silence is strange. I hope nothing bad happened.
  6. Awww thank you... can you see me blush from where you are?
  7. Wow Samantha! You are quite THE fan yourself! I feel like a baby around here.
  8. @inspiredmad : you truly are THE fan of TJ! I can only imagine how much it meant to you to meet him after so many years. Soooo glad you're cherishing the memories.
  9. Hi @Geoff, I just read in the open letter from Dallas Sonnier that all contracts with Adam Donaghey (unit production manager on Run Hide Fight) were cancelled. While I was wondering if this would have an impact on the timeline of production and distribution of the movie, I realized we do not have a release date yet. Do you have any more information about the post production of this one? Thanks!
  10. Enaira

    Forum Upgrade

    You're my forum star!
  11. This movie is also named Bulletproof? This is strange I believed that the English-speaking world was splitted between Crown Vic and Protect and Serve... this page is from Canada. BULLETPROOF Trailer (2020) Thomas Jane Cop Action Movie HDAn intense, gritty and riveting crime thriller following two LAPD officers as they hunt two cop killers on the loose in a city about to boil over. #BulletproofTraining Day meets End of Watch, Bulletproof is a brutal look at the extreme danger and unthinkable sacrifices police offers face when they commit to serve and protect the public starring Thomas Jane (The Mist) and Luke Kleintank (Man in the High Castle). https://www.joblo.com/movie-trailers/bulletproof-trailer-2020-thomas-jane-cop-action-movie-hd
  12. Hi Viendammage! Good to hear from you. I see you had a good day
  13. How cool! Thanks to all involved
  14. Latest Tweet from Breck Eisner: Breck Eisner @Breck_Eisner ยท Apr 29 After blocking a scene with actors 'second team' stands in for the actors so DP can light. When really busy and 'second team' is on another set 'THIRD TEAM' is called to action. Here you can see @JamesSACorey in his role as 'third team' playing role of Ashford (w/@ThomasJane)
  15. Very happy birthday to you Samantha! I hope you'll be able to meet with some friends and family, be it with 1,5m distance or per video. Enjoy your Sunday, best wishes
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    No way! Gail I'm shocked, you were asking for ideas for brain activity during this lockdown
  17. Enaira


    I never saw her as red haired but it's a possible option : @wearerenegades is following her. And she's definitely foxy.
  18. Enaira


    So we have a foxy lady... it could be either Courtney or Anne but that would be too obvious. What does the picture tell us? Wintertime Red haired Seen through a tele / far away / ancient (I'm mentioning the dark effect in the corners) I HAVE NO CLUE!
  19. Absolutely! I can't complain. This is a life changing event for so many people.
  20. It's calming down after 10 weeks. There are only local clusters now. I know 7 people who got it and were lucky since it wasn't too bad. But the real improvement (if any) in our life will be after mid August: until then the kids are allowed just 1d/week at school. So I can barely work.
  21. Cool! Geoff genuinely saved someone!
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