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  1. Yeah, right! And the real Miller right in the middle... a nice day dream but who knows!
  2. Wow that's unexpected! I already like you, you know how to make an entrance... What sense of humor by the way? Again unexpected! How cool, I want one! Looks fantastic. How did you do that? Can't we add this picture to the Custom RAW merch? Too many questions... I already vision a RAWwarrior group wearing this at ComicCon for promo of Series 5.
  3. Hello to you The Goktor! Welcome aboard! How nice that you found us! Could you or Al please explain us what books 7 and 8 correspond to in terms of the series? Would that be season 4 still or season 5? Any possibility to confirm that the investigator will have an important role without revealing any spoilers?
  4. Enaira


    Hello, Any confirmation now about starting date of shooting for Salvage? Still planned in 2 weeks?
  5. Enaira


    Let's get inspired by masters: At the end of the river, the nightmare begins Just joking, that would be scary... And my "spouse" proposal might be politically correct, but as everything correct it is also boring...
  6. Enaira


    Hey Geoff, thanks for sharing! My 2 cents: beautiful but not enough scary or "thrilly"? Why not change the sentence to: Would you survive the end of the world? Or: You. Her. The end of the world. Or: You. Him. The end of the world. Or: You. Your spouse. The end of the world. Did you receive the picture from the pre-production team ?
  7. Enaira

    Forum Upgrade

    All is fine at this end!
  8. Oh wow, today's your birthday David! We haven't electronically or otherwise met yet but your work is legendary within these walls (thank you!), so all the best from me, hope you'll be having a great time today!
  9. I agree, these past days have been pretty amazing! Sorry no I read only the first book, I absolutely had to check for myself what was changed between the book version and the series. Usually I prefer to read first. My pile of books to read is currently too high. For security reasons I shouldn't buy anymore but just spend several days reading on an isolated island...
  10. Happy birthday Noeland! I've read so many of your past entries. Always discovering your point of view with interest, thank you for your huge contribution.
  11. And I'm more than OK with the tomahawk haircut. Is it a big problem for TJ (due to compatibility with other shootings?) But if he has an important role in Season 5 he will be able to plan beforehand, right? Just wanted to send a beautiful pic... yes I'm grinning a lot today.
  12. Enaira


    Hi Geoff, just found your entry... do you by any chance followed up on this idea? (Information directly to/from Tom, called anyone dealing with money flow)? Is there anything behind it concerning TJ or just wishful thinking?
  13. And... Tom is teasing us right now on IG... #alwaysroomforthehat ... hmm... Miller in a vac suit with #noroomforthehat was an epic moment that somehow would be great to revisit in another dimension. As much as I understand the discomfort of working with a tight suit on... wait no... I really don't care about Tom's comfort on set! his job, his problem Please give us also "vac suit Miller" back...
  14. And... confirmed by Cas Anvar! #millerisback? #TheFedoraAndTheBeanie His latest IG post. So happy... now I'm even more impatient to see season 5 than season 4
  15. YEAH !!! this non-answer means everything
  16. And ... it has been officially announced that there will be a season 5!! Tom hopefully has insider news for us as for instance... will he return (even shortly, preferably "longly") as Miller?
  17. Thank you Geoff, also from my side.
  18. Enaira


    Owwww.... envy you! Great news and looking forward to being freaked out by the movie!
  19. And the cool thing is, I had no idea that Hitchcock gave a try at 3D himself. I googled it to know more. It puts a whole new light on Dial M for Murder. Building on the shoulders of giants...
  20. Dears, I found this great article about the technical aspects of shooting Dark Country in 3D, posted by Thomas himself. There are no spoilers, just plenty of information about the difficulties linked to the fact that the equipment was a prototype and the cameras had cables to link them to two laptops. I learned that TJ can very well be cross-eyed and efficient if he wants to. I enjoyed reading it very much and maybe putting it here with a "2019" post will allow people to rediscover it without having to search deep down into the forum.
  21. Mary Poppins? Jumping in the picture? In Hour of Lead? Now I'm the one with the sleepy neurons. Could you please explain?
  22. Enaira

    TJ Q & A

    Well this is great news! I'll be hoping during the next years then.
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