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    I JUST...

    You've been writing *a lot* in French lately! I like that!
  2. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Ah you two are too sweet! Thanks for taking part. I lost a day dealing with my repair shop around the corner and with VW on the phone. For the local shop, it's too much work and too risky to do the job and take the whole motor apart. On VW side, they are not willing to help because we didn't do the yearly checks in their shop... We're on the highway to hell, oh no sorry, highway northbound now with the rental car. Funny things happened in the meantime: our rental car for today got cancelled. We received the information yesterday late afternoon. Luckily we still had time to find another car 30 minutes drive away from home. Since 4 days the orange motor signal is on. We've been minimalizing our trips to bare necessity. Except during the drive back from the rental shop! then the signal was off again! go figure... But now... enough about silly problems. I'm so looking forward to the Q&A!
  3. Happy birthday Sidewaysgaze! You may never read this but I wanted to pay respect to your countless (well actually 1.659 ) posts. We still profit from your dedication to all things RAW. Enjoy your day, have fun and see you around!
  4. all clear now! It means I don't click ENOUGH on the Tom Jane photos on Insta!
  5. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Gail, I wish I could cheer you up! Having an accident isn't a good idea right now: you would miss the Q&A! I do hope the Santa video was a bit fun... Have a good evening and stop doing silly walks on icy steps
  6. Dears, the winter starts in two days, Xmas is right outta the door, ready to sparkle our lives with joy, candle lights and car rental fun. But there's a dark side to Xmas and especially Santa can be disturbingly dangerous! I'd like to follow (only this year!) the fantastic Xmas tradition of fun videos started by @Rosella and present a (somewhat) ancient but full of references video that my to-be-husband created. My contribution was to bake the cake and break everything in the kitchen. I'm good at exactly that. Hope you'll enjoy! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3qx1b1G418M
  7. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Well thank you Gail, I was doing better and getting accustomed to the idea of my car being useless. But I hate "the French" right now! Just received an email that the Thalys train on Dec 27th is cancelled due to the strike!! How am I supposed to reach Paris on time to watch "real men"? Another rental car... now the bill is nearing 2k€ for this VW CO2 damage. Ggggrrrrrr....
  8. The brand of the cups is Emsa. I actually found the cups, but not the decals! Where do you buy them?
  9. Oye oye, the so called "ninja" will now mingle into the discussion... What you're describing Geoff is true if you actively click on the fucking hashtag. Gail's question is related to the automatic flow of posts appearing on the main "thread". Gail: I have made the same observation and didn't even try to solve it. Conclusion: I'm actively clicking on the fucking hashtag every day to see what's new (most recent) and if I missed something. I'm sure this answer doesn't help you
  10. Enaira

    I JUST...

    ... hate Volkswagen right now! They manipulate their CO2 values during testing, then claim to solve the problem with a software update, this same software puts more effort onto a specific valve deep down into the motor and after 18 months it breaks down. It takes 2 days in the repair shop to change it and costs 1.400€! They have no available spot on short notice and we have an appointment only in January ==> we have to rent a car to leave on holiday tomorrow we'll have to bring and pick up the kids with a taxi after the holidays! Ah sorry. Luxury problems. But it's good to let it out.
  11. Geoff, we'll wait for you without any doubt. The Expanse is a show everyone here is savouring, rewatching, analysing... and one should be able to watch it without any stressful time constraints. You're doing so much to support TJ's projects that we owe that to you. The end of year can be so stressful! Besides, Al. seems to need more time also. The Q&A might derail though. I wish there won't be big spoilers for you.
  12. My son would be envious
  13. VOCA... ah nah. You're beyond reasoning, you desperate pack !
  14. Hello CJ! Welcome on this awesome forum! My feeling so far is that we're all geeks here. So that's normal I'm glad we have a new friend to enrich our *cough* serious *cough* discussions in here.
  15. Wow that poster is quite advanced already! Looks like someone is changing the gears quickly and want to get this movie out. Promising poster combined with your comment to look out for it = major expectations and eyes wide open!
  16. My ride through the ring gate is finished for this year
  17. This pic reminds me a bit of Malone! So far the style and costume are promising! According to Insta, the shooting took place last weekend.
  18. I'm only basing my comment due to the cast mentioned on IMDB. Let's wait for Geoff's input!
  19. From IMDB: A professional thief with $40 million in debt and his family's life on the line must commit one final heist - rob a futuristic airborne casino filled with the world's most dangerous criminals. Looks like Tom has a small part.
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