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    I came to this forum mourning Joe Miller - I stay for the numerous lives of Thomas Jane and his motivating energy.

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  1. You know with his newly gained "free time", he might lurk around here and check all the nonsense you're writing
  2. Happy birthday Sundance! Wishing you an awesome day with lots of fun and surprises.
  3. Hello clan! BIG HUG TO ALL OF YOU! (Even the lurkers! Feel yourself embraced right now) I'm doing it for your health and... also because I really grew very found of the RAW family. https://www.awarenessdays.com/awareness-days-calendar/national-hug-day-2020/
  4. Enaira


    No no! Use the advice of Ethan Hunt, first wear a mask. And then mhwahaha, once you've taken it off nobody will know it was you
  5. Enaira


    Will the 3 months of practice be enough?
  6. and then get arrested as himself, which would drive Gail mad because in the end, if he had travelled in time to beat up the guy, there wouldn't be the need for the movie and Tom wouldn't be in movie jail so why bother? #whatIjustwrotedoesntmakeanysensebutIhadfun
  7. Enaira


    When the time has come, you'll know where to find us. In the meantime I am thinking about you all on the other side of the Renegade name.
  8. @Gail and all, look what I found here. The FBI story mentioned during the May 17th Q&A ! Plus... if you scroll down the thread you'll find the first posts of a certain Geoff, all sweet and new on the forum (2011), asking excellent questions to TJ. At that time, he was just like the rest of us now
  9. Enaira


    Am I the only one thinking (hoping) that From a Buick 8 is currently shooting or in pre-prod? Geoff is deep down into Renegade work, he might be currently in the US for all I know Sparce Insta from Tom and Renegade... to me, the lack of news IS news.
  10. Hi Al. since you're such an avid reader I would recommend this book! Hope you'll enjoy the ride!
  11. At the risk of getting digitally stoned by nerds, I have to admit I slept while "watching" Tron. Tron is sooo famous, but I was too young at that time. So the movie stood in my "to watch" list since quite some years (several decades tbh ) and a few weeks back we decided to watch it finally. I was quite excited but it has just gotten too old. And not thrilling. To me it's a good example of Sci-Fi movies that age quickly... or not (like Solyent Green or Blade Runner which stay fit).
  12. Strumpetry! Nice new word, loving my English lessons here
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