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  1. Perfect thank you!
  2. I thought it would be easier to get "recognized" during the FedCon with a T-shirt ...
  3. Hi Geoff, do you know if the Raw Shop still exists? I read in one thread that T-Shirts were available but it was several years ago. If not, I'd like to make one. Do you think there might be copyright issues of some kind? Thanks
  4. In this case you'll really have to ask Tom. That's the worst that could happen to you!
  5. Unbelievable. Gail this is great too!
  6. Hi Rosella, I really like it! I think I can understand the fun it was to write it thanks for sharing.
  7. Hello Wraith, welcome aboard! You are not alone... I needed several weeks to mourn Miller. Also I am brain struck with Tom's talent. I love his voice in this final scene. See you around, Ariane
  8. Wow, every single day! respect. The only time I wrote poems was during the tormented time of adolescence. First love, broken heart... I guess a certain level of suffering was necessary for me to be creative. I am still able to get ecstatic and I love the elevated feeling, but do not write poems anymore That being said, I enjoy very much the work of others. If you wish to share one or two, that would be great. Without putting any pressure on you...
  9. Enaira


    What's the film to not mention? He would have crushed La La Land with all his training from India. And getting out of the comfort zone is sometimes good. Especially for us as audience
  10. Hi Geoff, I found some posts about Moebius here and it seems we share a positive opinion. Enki Bilal was not cited here until now. I would say, lucky you! You still have plenty of Bilal books to discover. Here is some information about him: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enki_Bilal And some pictures: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=enki+bilal&FORM=HDRSC2 Best regards, Ariane
  11. Dear all, Today is the worldwide Art day. https://www.iaa-usa.org/worldartday Are you doing something special today in order to share the passion of art with relatives and friends? I spent the day at work and the only noticeable novelty today was this song: Best, Ariane
  12. I am sorry. I just noticed that for the second time I posted at the wrong place is it possible to move entries?
  13. Enaira


    The IMDB summary evokes "future earth". To me it looks like the 60's? Elon's Ripley suit is a "tod" more elegant and real. Anyway I cannot wait to see it and understand what it is about. For sure the suit design has a meaning.
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