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    I came to this forum mourning Joe Miller - I stay for the numerous lives of Thomas Jane and his motivating energy.

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  1. Just checked out the movie you mean, with Idris Elba and appropriately called Dark Tower: it is inspired by the Stephen King graphic novels but is no adaptation of them. I saw 2-3 pictures on IMDB that were indeed very "modern style" and opposite to the western-fantasy style of the graphic novel. So there's hoping here, even if a series will be released soon... ?
  2. I'm just going through a rollercoaster of emotions. I was two weeks ago in my favourite hometown and visited the Marché du livre ancien (ancient book flea market). There I bought this graphic novel: Dark Tower by Stephen King... I am absolutely not surprised to find a thread about it in here. Reading it, I grew very found of the idea of Renegade producing a movie with it... to just find out right now on IMDB that a series will have a start in 2020 already! This seat is apparently taken...
  3. Where we learn: 1/ where the #tbt picture of Tom playing the piano with an Elvis haircut comes from 2/ that there were indeed close ups in that movie where Tom can be seen and even recognized 3/ that already at the young age of 17, Tom was infatuated with beautiful cars and hats (not to mention the beautiful girl, but enough mischief from me today)
  4. It's not witty it's terrible... Geoff is gonna report me to the boss because I used a non acceptable term to describe masculine body parts I might get banned for life from the forum
  5. You're good! The game is on
  6. Did I already say Yeah Baby and Awesome and Thank You and You Amaze My Balls today?
  7. Yes Breck Eisner himself didn't want to answer those questions. Don't know why it has to be a secret though?
  8. Just had a peek at your link. Yes it's Breck Eisner, director of many episodes especially 1&2 of S5. And providor of fantastic pictures the comments on Twitter are hilarious too!
  9. Not laughing while having fun is an art in itself.
  10. love that picture already! Thanks!
  11. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    And another short interview: https://extratv.com/2019/11/08/alec-baldwin-reveals-his-weight-loss-secrets-plus-hilarias-response-to-his-fallon-appearance/
  12. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    Fantastic question for the Q&A taking place on... hmmm... aaahh... early December?
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