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    I came to this forum mourning Joe Miller - I stay for the numerous lives of Thomas Jane and his motivating energy.

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  1. Enaira

    Forum Upgrade

    I love that you and Rosella pop in from time to time! It's always interesting.
  2. Enaira

    I JUST...

    damn right so! We're both stuuuuuck here!
  3. Enaira

    I JUST...

    Now you may tickle me to death... Or until the next metamorphosis level... but then you'll see what powers I have reached, mhwahaha!
  4. Enaira

    Forum Upgrade

    Awww we're loyal members. How cool And so true! I'll turn 0,5 years RAWld tomorrow and didn't miss a single day of the fun.
  5. Enaira

    Forum Upgrade

    Awww we're loyal members. How cool And so true! I'll turn 0,5 years RAWld tomorrow and didn't miss a single day of the fun.
  6. You're welcome! Speaking about questions... - What shall be the total duration of Tom's work on set? And during post-production? - Since it's shot as a block, does it mean he will be there x days in October, y days in November and z days in January? Any idea about how many back and forth it represents? - What about the cast? They are working one week with director A and one other week with director B... could Tom explain how it worked for him on Hung and Expanse? I guess the cast also has a great deal of responsibility when it comes to continuity?
  7. I will remind you great question!
  8. And again questions: there are many directors during one season. It seems to me that "director" is the position that changes the most in the organisation. 1/ why is that? do they all suffer from burnout? 2/ how is the continuity ensured? Does Tom have to especially work with the director before him and the one after him?
  9. Enaira

    TJ Q & A

    Before the end of the year ? Geoff, that would be awesome, I'm counting on you I would be online any time of the night for another Q&A...
  10. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    I'm completely agreeing, Geoff's idea was much more evolved and subtle. It is assuming the audience is able to think by themselves. Let's say it was more arty and beautiful. This new poster does the job, but is very blunt.
  11. Enaira


    I'm sorry Nealyh, I know my answer is of no use but I wanted to give you a signal anyway. Neither am I active into the comics business nor am I living in the Dallas area. Currently this forum is very TJ-centric but you might ask some "older" members per Direct Message and hopefully get some better answers. Please stroll in the Tim Bradstreet older threads. Good luck!
  12. Thank you Geoff, wishing you a great evening!
  13. Thanks, I feel understood!
  14. Sorry I wasn't very clear on that one! I meant since when does he have the deal secured. My question actually being: how long was he able to prepare for this new "role"? (Am astonished you didn't get the question, you usually manage much more precarious sentences from me with ease )
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