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    The Orchard

    I just hope they've abandoned that godawful alternate poster (you know, the one that has poor TJ looking like the unholy lovechild of Miller and Amos!)
  2. I guess it’s good in the sense of bringing the film back to the forefront (precisely where it should be!) but if it’s not an extra 34 seconds specifically of Thomas, it ain’t worth it!!!
  3. Happy birthday Sunshine - have a lovely day!
  4. Gail

    Forum Upgrade

    Thanks Geoff - thought I was being technologically challenged again for a minute there!
  5. I know, amazing is an understatement - it’s a good thing iPhones are drop tested!! Not every day you get your hero’s name popping up on your inbox! Not sure about writing to the address - personally I think I’d give it a little while to see if you get a response from your email but that’s just me. Guess it’s your call really, unless anyone else here would like to offer an opinion?
  6. Thanks Jon, you're very kind! I think the first thing I saw of TJ's was Deep Blue Sea, seen quite a few things since but it was The Expanse (spotting a trend here?) that made me seek out a way, any way, of getting more information - it was honestly like I'd been hit between the eyes, always rated him highly as an actor but maybe the stars aligned or something and that was that, I'm hooked! I'm now watching the whole thing for the fourth time since it landed on Amazon and still loving every minute! I also spent quite a bit of time reading through the forum (well, bits of it 'cos there's so much!) before I took the plunge and signed up. (Interesting side note - I had to contact the site twice as there were problems with signing up and both times I got a response from Thomas himself, exciting and surreal , pretty much decided there and then that this was the forum for me!). This is also the only one I've ever joined and I'm so glad I did, everybody is so warm and welcoming and the wealth of information is incredible. There are some really exciting projects in the pipeline and Geoff keeps us well informed (thanks Geoff!) so I'd say stick around and enjoy the ride!
  7. Please don’t say it was Malone - we’ve only just coaxed Ariane back indoors!! If you feel like sharing head on over to the Welcome Drinks section and introduce yourself!
  8. Joking aside, you’re very welcome Jon - happy to help where we can, and Geoff is deffo the go-to guy round here!!
  9. Yeah we are pretty kickass!!
  10. Hey Jon, welcome aboard! As far as I know (but happy to be corrected) the only way to get Thomas's autograph would be here: Thomas Jane c/o Studio Fan Mail 1122 S. Robertson Bl. #15 Los Angeles, CA 90035 or e-mail photo requests to: thomasjane@studiofanmail.com No idea what kind of timescales you'd be looking at but gotta be worth dropping them a line?
  11. I guess that's the difference between someone who acts because they love the job and someone who's into the whole celebrity thing - you know, the type would happily go to the opening of every envelope and pop bottle just to get their photo in some glossy magazine spread (usually whilst insisting they value their privacy!). I'm sure you have to keep your image out there to some extent if you're in the industry, but I respect TJ's approach far more. Gotta have integrity!
  12. Two lovely clips - great to see The Boss looking well and happy. . Still looks like he’d really rather not be the centre of attention though!
  13. Gail


    Hmmm - winter in Kentucky looks a bit grim . Might need to swap the houseboat for an icebreaker!
  14. Gail


    What on earth was on your profile to get them removed?? Shame you missed out, genuinely thought they were quality, onwards and upwards
  15. Gail


    Given the plot, is this just irony in action????
  16. Gail

    Crimson Blues

    Excellent - gritty and dark, love it already!!
  17. Gail

    Crimson Blues

    Really excited about this one - totally TJ’s forte!!
  18. Gail

    Crimson Blues

    But every cloud has a silver lining - almost looking forward to this one more......
  19. Gail


    FFS...!!! *rolls eyes*
  20. Gail


    Any more inside info yet? How’s it coming along?
  21. Gail

    Hour of Lead

    So did you get anything else on this Geoff? Or was that the update they referred to?
  22. Gail


    All good news - hopefully won’t be too long before that happens!
  23. Gail


    Maybe I’m just thinking way too far ahead here!!
  24. Gail


    Easy for you to say!!! Point taken about clean lines, what would look cool though is (thinking positive and big screen image) the harder image initially but with a ‘flare’ rolling round it to soften it, or maybe the other way round starting softer and then coming into hard focus - does that make sense? I know what I’m thinking just crap at explaining it!!
  25. Gail


    In fairness, some of them are really good - glad I don’t have to choose! (Except that it would be easy, ‘cos obviously it’d be yours Geoff!! )
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