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  1. Gail

    The Expanse

    The countdown starts here - one month to go people!!!!!!!!! I think there’s something else going on in December that everyone’s getting overexcited about, but it’s S4 all the way for me
  2. Didn’t they do a film of that already? With Idris Elba as I remember? Also remember it being a bit ‘meh’ but would love to see the Renegades get their hands on it!
  3. Gail

    Crown Vic

    If you ask me (and I know nobody was!) - THAT’S a negative!!!!
  4. Gail

    The Expanse

    Got your back Ariane - if you go down I’m probably going with you! And I’m pretty sure The Boss is cool with it!
  5. Gail

    The Expanse

    You see? You see?? That there is why this is The Best Forum In The World!! Sneak peek information and witty repartee - we’ve got it all guys!
  6. Gail

    The Expanse

    Fair enough - mum’s the word!
  7. Gail

    The Expanse

    Curious Any answers Geoff? If anyone knows, you do!!
  8. Gail

    The Expanse

    Yeah, just reading the comments left on Twitter, a few people seemed to be assuming that TJ’s presence meant Miller was making an appearance - as much as I wish he was, I think he’s there in his directorial capacity. Still hoping against hope for some Miller action though!
  9. Gail

    The Expanse

    Is Thomas’s directing gig common knowledge yet?
  10. Gail

    The Expanse

    Love this AI - Thomas looks like he’s trying to butch it up a bit with his best pose, all Pretty In Pink though
  11. Gail

    Crown Vic

    I guess there had to be some less than glowing reviews but this guy goes on my metaphorical hit list!! Definitely seems to be swimming against the tide. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/07/movies/crown-vic-review.html
  12. Did Thomas get his shirt? What did he think of it? And can we see it?
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