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  1. Gail

    I JUST...

    Well I'm glad you're mobile but it sucks that you've had to stump up so much cash - I hope VW are pleased with themselves Hope you all enjoyed your belated Xmas!
  2. Gail

    I JUST...

    ......remembered about your recent car problems Ariane - how did everything work out in the end? Did VW offer any help or did they keep quiet and hope you went away? I hope for your sake everything got sorted out, I know just how infuriating these things can be (from both sides, as a customer and a repairing garage). Believe me, the manufacturers drive us crazy too sometimes!
  3. Had to watch it again last night - just beautiful *swoon*
  4. Thanks Geoff - now the 'playing on a loop' starts all over again!!
  5. Sadly (or fortunately!) I’ve got far too much Yorkshire blood to justify spending $1000 on a t-shirt! Even (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) one worn by TJ! But if money was no object then who knows........I could do the good deeds thing and still have money left for frivolities
  6. Happy birthday Thomas - hope you have a great day
  7. Never say never eh? I like your thinking!
  8. Well nobody’s actually said a definite ‘No!’ Keep the faith Ariane!
  9. Indeed! It sounds like the prospect has intrigued the Renegades at the very least - we will continue to live in hope and drop not-so-very subtle hints Mr Hosack sounded very enthusiastic about it too!
  10. It would be totally awesome if this could happen! I think the rapid fire of positive comments on TJ's post kinda proves how popular it would be - we can but hope!
  11. Gail

    Money Plane

    Nope I give up - I’ve scrutinised this very closely (especially TJ’s image ) but I can’t see any other differences. Maybe my old eyesight is failing me but I had lots of fun looking!
  12. Gail

    Money Plane

    Homework??! (Although it’s far more interesting than the homework I used to get!!)
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