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  1. Please pass on our best wishes!
  2. Happy birthday Samantha! I guess it’ll be a bit of a weird one, but I hope you have a great day whatever you do, sending you all good wishes!
  3. Gail


    And I’m grateful for the diversion!
  4. Gail


    I know you wouldn’t tell us even if we were bang on the money though!! Ah well, will just have to wait for the next clue
  5. Gail


    Well maybe more chestnut or even auburn haired - depends on which photo you look at but in my minds eye I saw her as a redhead (definitely not ginger though!) I’m relying on our social media ninja to crack the code!
  6. Gail


    With Thomas and Geoff involved I don’t think they’re gonna make it easy!!
  7. Gail


    How about Elsa Pataky - red haired and a proper fox in ‘Malone’!!!! Beyond suggesting possible female connections, I’m stumped so far as well
  8. But we’re not bitter.............much
  9. Oh and by the way Ariane - the curse of the VW Audi Group has struck me too A spring has broken on the suspension due to corrosion which my ex-mechanic Beloved thinks is appalling, the car is only four years old with fairly low mileage but Audi UK have basically shrugged their collective shoulders and walked away. So we’re out of pocket for the business end of £500 and that’s at ‘mates rates’ through my work They really know how to make you feel like valued customers don’t they? (That’s my gripe vented for today )
  10. Hey CJ! It sounds like you're in about the same boat as me! I've got so bored of trawling round for things to entertain me it's just not funny any more I really wish I was creative or artistic but sadly that's not my area of expertise...... We don't have Sky or Now TV but do have Amazon and Netflix so watched all sorts of things I wouldn't normally look at. Gotta say though that we finally gave in and started watching Stranger Things to see what the fuss was about and ended up watching all 3 seasons in less than a week - loved it! We watched Extraction when it came out as well - quite enjoyed it, will watch the sequel if it gets made. Also adored After Life - never been a massive Ricky Gervais fan but I have never watched anything before that had me laughing one minute and sobbing literally the next minute, so that was a pleasant surprise. I'll have to get stuck into The Expanse books and get a heads up on what's on the way! Good to hear from you too CJ, hope you and yours are all keeping well
  11. Wow - you two seem to be busy ladies! I don't envy either of you with the home schooling, I'm sure it's difficult whether you're the teacher or the pupil, or indeed the parent trying to keep up whilst working from home! Although Ariane I'm sure your boy secretly enjoys having you all to himself for one day a week It's a shame about your trip home possibly being off Samantha, you must have been really looking forward to seeing family and friends again, got my fingers crossed for you . But on the (minor!) plus side, thanks to the lovely Mr W you've found us now, so feel free to vent if you need to! I have to admit that I've so far resisted another binge watch of The Expanse but that only because we did that just before the lockdown - kinda wish I'd saved it now, but the temptation to go in again is strong! I've seen S1-3 about six or seven times now, with three watches of S4 and still spotting things I'd not noticed before. The sign of a good production methinks! Although I did have a little Thomas-fest last week and watched Standoff and The Punisher back to back As far as The Virus goes, fortunately I don't personally know anyone who's had it, which considering the infection rate in the UK is nothing short of miraculous - I just really want life to get back to some kind of normality over the next couple of months. I have a big day planned in August! Stay safe ladies, and I'm so glad you're holding up okay - we will get through this
  12. Hey all! This seemed like a good time for a catch up and see how everyone is doing with the various lockdown situations. How are you coping with it, and what have you been doing to occupy your time? Learnt any new skills or rediscovered some old ones? Seen any good movies or TV, or read any books that you can recommend? Any gripes you need to get off your chest? (To be honest, since I've probably got another couple of weeks at home I guess I'm looking for some inspiration to fill the time till I can get back to complaining about having to go to work! )
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