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  1. Gail

    Fedcon 2019

    Aw Ariane - shame your star guest cancelled (two for two! ) but I hope you enjoyed it all the same. Good to see you waving the RAW banner with your outfit! Just for the record, I would walk barefoot over hot coals to see Thomas in person (guess I’m not the only one though )
  2. Gail


    My pleasure Geoff You are absolutely living the dream, your inner geek must be fully engaged and firing on all cylinders - enjoy every minute!
  3. Gail


    This is all great news Geoff - but does this mean you’re all Renegade now or are you still a little bit RAW, little bit MD? (I’m just a bit worried about you spreading yourself too thin............. and sorry if I sound like your mother!!)
  4. Gail


    Means someone with several skills, usually used in reference to an entertainer - describes TJ to a tee!!
  5. Oops - correction, should have read VFX not SFX (apologies to Ariane who has previously gone to the trouble of educating us on the difference between the two!)
  6. Just come across this showing some of the SFX used - considering the subject, be warned of some gore effects towards the end! I found it fascinating though.
  7. Gail

    TJ Q & A

    Phew - thought we'd lost you for a minute there!
  8. Gail

    TJ Q & A

    I hope you just mean that if it’s a straight choice, Q&A with Thomas wins - in which case I’m right with you!!
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