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  1. Gail

    Forum Upgrade

    Well said AI - I really like that the boards are so open to all topics and thoughts, and (as long as you play nice!) pretty much anything goes. You always feel welcome, like a favourite bar or suchlike, and I’m eternally grateful that I found it and joined up
  2. Gail

    I JUST...

    And yes, it is really difficult to type like this!
  3. Gail

    I JUST...

    I would but I can't get my hands out of this damned pupa case!!!
  4. Gail

    I JUST...

    .......Noticed you've joined me in the Death Spider Pupa stage Ariane - congratulations!! It's not so bad (despite what The Goktor said!), welcome - it's nice to have some company here!!
  5. Gail

    Forum Upgrade

    Aw bless you - thanks very much!
  6. Gail

    Forum Upgrade

    You been tinkerin' again Geoff? Like it! Love the addition of the logo, just baffled as to the pale grey 'dot&zero' under the logo - is this anything we need to be concerned about or is it an admin thing?
  7. Gail


    Aw bless you for saying so, you're very kind and that does lift my chin a bit I like to think I'm probably a good person to have in a team, but I'll never be a leader!
  8. Gail


    I wish! Sadly I still have to keep earning --- and this is where I start to feel woefully inadequate . I mean, I'm in the company of head honchos (Geoff), boffins (Ariane ) and talented and successful business women (your good self), along with many other creative and imaginative individuals, and I, erm, am an accounts assistant at a car dealership. Been there for the last 21 years (and 8 days, not that I'm counting), so either doing something right or managing to stay under the radar (coupled with a lack of either ambition or self confidence, not sure which). Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but I do enjoy it and I love my team, every day is a laugh which helps and being classed as one of the Old Guard does occasionally have its perks. Bet you're sorry you asked now!!
  9. Gail

    The Expanse

    Just a thought Geoff - is there any remote chance that TJ would have the time (or the inclination) to do some sort of production diary? It would be fascinating to find out what goes on behind the scenes and it'd be great to get a picture of proceedings from his point of view.
  10. Gail

    I JUST...

    I certainly did! 'TJ fan' head was suitably chastened
  11. Gail

    The Expanse

    Any idea when that might be? I know Tom is up to his eyes in work just now, but the last one was such good fun I’m really looking forward to the next one!
  12. Gail

    Crown Vic

    Thanks for this Geoff - gotta say I still prefer yours. As Ariane alluded to originally, TJ's image on yours gave the impression of a cop with the weight of the world on his shoulders, trying to do things the old fashioned way 'cos they worked but fighting a losing battle with bureaucracy and bad guys that don't play by the rules. Also the 'Open All Night' neon sign hints that justice never sleeps - clever! So yeah, this is kinda okay, does the job I suppose, but I don't get any real connection there - as usual, Ariane is clearly seeing something I'm not!
  13. Gail

    The Expanse

    Sorry, had an unusually busy day today so only had time to quickly scan over and digest the Big News - I may have some questions later but no pressure to respond Geoff, you put your feet up and have a lovely evening
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