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  1. I was embarrassed to ask in case I’d missed some literary gem Should have done my homework!
  2. Hey Inspiredmad! Sending you very best wishes for a great birthday, hope you have a wonderful day
  3. Fantastic news - can’t wait! Sounds great And well done for figuring out Renegade’s cryptic clues Ariane!
  4. Gail

    The Expanse

    The Don has spoken.......!
  5. Thanks ninja I was aware of this blue tick thing but wasn’t sure what the significance of it was
  6. You’ll have to educate me - what does this actually mean?
  7. Gail

    The Expanse

    Thanks for this CJ! Of course Thomas as Miller is wall-to-wall fabulousness but really love him in The Hat! (The scene from 0'40" to 0'45" in particular.........I could watch that on a loop for hours )
  8. Gail

    I JUST...

    Wow Nicole - you’ve got it all going on at the moment!! I’m exhausted reading it so I can only imagine how you must be feeling! Good luck with the house finding/moving situation, that can be pretty stressful at the best of times so I hope it all comes together fairly quickly for you. And huuuuuge congratulations to your daughter, that’s lovely news and really something to look forward to in the confused times we’re all going through. When is she due? And how does your grandson feel about having a little brother or sister? I truly hope all goes well for them. I’m sure all the RAWarriors will join me in sending her very best wishes xx Nothing much to report from my neck of the woods - work is mental busy but home life is ticking over nicely atm. Beloved has received notice that he’s being referred to see if he can have a bionic knee fitted - hope so cos it sounds like a bag of gravel recently and is causing quite a bit of pain for him And we all know men are the worst patients! So fingers crossed that’s sooner rather than later but will have to see what with the current state of the NHS Really good to catch up - how’s everyone else?
  9. Gail

    The Expanse

    She really is, isn’t she?
  10. Gail

    The Expanse

    Ha! Nicole, you’ve just very eloquently raised all the points that occurred to me but I was too tired to articulate last night Can’t dispute the Miller-love though WTF?????!!!!! Have they even seen the show???. Good to see that the Pop Culture Times have their finger firmly on the pulse!!!
  11. Gail

    The Expanse

    How can they not be??
  12. Excellent news - thanks Geoff (and Thomas of course!)
  13. You’re only as biased as I am towards portraits of Thomas done by Allan Amato..........which is absolutely not at all, ever, honest!!!!!
  14. Good points well made ladies - got my fingers crossed really tightly!
  15. Oh Nicole that sounds like a lovely day you’ve got right there! Enjoy lovely - your grandson’s gonna love you! x
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