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  1. Have you just given the plot away Geoff? Was it the bad nanny wot did it??
  2. But realised now it’s just a painting! Must wake up properly before I look at these!!!!
  3. Saw this and thought there was suddenly some weird time travel stuff going on.......
  4. And since we're being picky, not sure about Holden's goatee either........you'd think that would be a pretty high maintenance choice considering what they're going through! Whatever, personal grooming aside - bring it on, can't wait!!
  5. Not seen this one yet, and the comments above haven't exactly put it on my 'must see' list, maybe one day........much as I love seeing intense TJ he can clearly carry off lighter supporting roles with ease. Agree with Ariane though, where are all you guys at these days - you can't leave it up to Geoff to give us gals the male perspective! Happy to discuss the attributes of female actors if that makes you all feel like joining in?
  6. Yeah, I preferred the Belter cut, but I think that's being a bit picky - she still kicks ass!
  7. For real??????? That's excellent news!!
  8. Actually I want to know what deal he’s made to keep looking better - is it some kind of Dorian Gray thing he’s got going on? Is there a portrait of him somewhere that’s now looking decidedly shabby? Whatever he’s doing, it’s definitely working!!
  9. Love it Ariane - you are so funny!!
  10. Is that everything from this shoot now, or do you have any more up your sleeve? Do you know if there are plans for any further shoots with Mr A? Hope so, he really brings out something extra special in TJ!
  11. Thank you Geoff! As Ariane says, perfect!
  12. Well they’re in the back end of nowhere, none of them look like they want to be there and can’t even raise a smile for the team photo - just like every team building thing I’ve ever seen!!
  13. Yep, with you there Ariane, recent pics done by Mr A are much much nicer!!
  14. Second to last pic looks like an outward-bound corporate team building exercise!
  15. No worries, wasn’t expecting a full on Q&A session, just a quick ‘Hi’ from him would be great though!! Sure he’s got loads going on, so will just wait and live in hope!
  16. So if you can’t get over there Geoff (boo!) and he’s got a bit of time on his hands, any chance....just maybe....he’ll come and have a brief chat with us?
  17. In fairness Keegan didn’t have much to work with in that department to start with!! Still impressive, although I’m not sure I’d like to know how I’ll age - it’s pretty traumatic looking in the mirror now, never mind what’s to come!!!
  18. Is that normal or would you have expected something by now? (I have no idea how these things work!)
  19. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?! Any more updates on release details yet?
  20. Oh God - that reminds me of someone but for the life of me I can’t think who!!
  21. Yeah, take your point - I recall that he signed up without seeing the script. He did say in Q&A that in his version everyone would have died (!) so this big finish definitely sounds a bit closer to that!!
  22. So does this describe the film that Thomas envisaged more closely?
  23. But Geoff that’s aaaaaages away - can’t you pull some strings? We need news on a daily basis or we get restless (as I’m sure you know by now!!!)
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