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  1. Indie, I'm back...and I signed!
  2. Yea that sounds cool! But the coaches jacket I was talking about is just a thin nylon one with a very thin cotton lining...
  3. OK, I have an idea for a new item for the store...if anyone's interested... I was thinking a Black nylon "coaches jacket" with the RAW logo on the back of it. I have a black coaches jacket now (plain) and I love it, so I was thinking how AWESOME it would be to have one with the RAW logo.... Any thoughts on that??
  4. Tim, Tom....ANYONE.... What's going on with the store? I'm anxious to get some new items...especially that RAW T-shirt Tom wears all the time. WHAT'S UP?
  5. Next time it comes to Indy, let me know ahead of time...
  6. Well damn! How come I didn't hear about this? I've been too wrapped in my own world I don't hear about anything anymore! I would've loved to have gone!
  7. Raffi, I hope you have a great day and celebrate it right! Too bad it had to fall on a Monday! Happy Birthday!! XOXO -Aly
  8. Thanks Kristyn! It's a privilege!
  9. Aly

    I JUST...

    I voted too JWEB!
  10. Aly

    I JUST...

    ...came back from hanging out and having drinks with Kyle DeVan (#66) and Jamie Silva (#40) from the Indianapolis Colts. God I love this city! Also, I just closed on a house today...I move in on Friday! WHOO-HOO!
  11. Ummm.... The Punisher! Hands down! Bale's just some fool in a bat suit...who needs that?
  12. Just a little FYI---Citizen X will be showing on TMAX (I'm guessing that's cinemax?) on Oct 1 @ 410AM and 710AM--check your local listings...I'm going to DVR this one...
  13. My absolute favorite band and I can't get enough of this song right now! You by Candlebox
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