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  1. Thanks Blondielox and Rosella!!! I look forward to a BIG "Howdy do" at SDCC this year. The booth is in a new location. I don't remember the number right now, but its in Hall F around 4000. I'll be certain to post that info when I have it. Mike
  2. Rosella, I'm glad to hear you were able to recover in time to have a great day!
  3. Yesterday my younger daughter, Sierra, and I got up and went to see the Hobbit. On the way back we picked up enough Chinese food to last us until the next day, then we watched Aliens, The Abyss, and Heaven Help Us. The we went to 7-11 for big gulps and Ben and Jerry's. We capped the night off with Young Frankenstein. Not at all traditional, but we had a blast! I really hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays! Mike
  4. Mike

    Drive Hard

    She's a natural, wonder where she gets it from =)
  5. Mike

    Drive Hard

    It was fun seeing Harlow in the film. I watched it last night on Netflix.
  6. OMG I've been outted!!! I'll have to work on getting better at being an @$$
  7. I believe it just took to long for it to get going, while the interest was hot. I know that RAW would still like to make this one happen, but the right opportunity will need to open up.
  8. Mike

    The Expanse

    I've listened to the first three books of the series and about to start the 4th. I have to do audio books, since I read very poorly. I'm really enjoying the series, written by members of George R. R. Martin's writing team under the pseudonym, James S. A. Corey. For me to have made it this far, the series has to be very good, since I don't generally enjoy novels. These 3 books have doubled the total number of books I have read/listened to in the past 15 years. Detective Josephus "Joe" Aloisus Miller is a GREAT role for Tom! There's a major character reveal that at the end of the first book, that I will have to avoid, since it defines Tom and his role through the rest of the series.
  9. Thanks, I goof off so much that it's been a long time since anyone has referred to me as being mature
  10. Mike


    I saw that LOL was On Demand. Even my daughters couldn't get through the movie, so I just fast-forwarded it to see Tom's shots and interactions with the cast.
  11. Mike

    The Expanse

    Yup, Tom said he was feeling pretty good about this film. He also said they changed the name. Unfortunately I don't know if and when it is appropriate to share it, if the name change even sticks.
  12. Ouch!!! Don't mock my politically correct response. It took me hours to come up with that
  13. Mike

    The Expanse

    Thomas was in Sault Ste, Marie doing another film, just before filming the Expanse. He said they built a huge set for station where most of the story starts off.
  14. Mike


    This may be true, but it may be worth taking a chance regardless. Tom is potentially his own worst critic. It felt like he was trying to talk me out of seeing Dark Country, while he was talking about all the issues with the film. At least the trailer looks fun Mike
  15. Nah, it's not in my nature... I prefer to limit my challenges to how people perceive and think about things rather than friendships. I learned at a young age that it is very easy for me to threaten, damage, or harm. I prefer to build, repair, and heal. Mike
  16. Blah, just realized it will be 2015 by then... technically that would be an 11th anniversary. Mike
  17. I'll ask if we can do a 10th anniversary screening at Long Beach Comic Con. Mike
  18. I've only ever been involved with a RAW twitter once... when Thomas took a compromising photo of me in the back of an ambulance and posted it on twitter Mike
  19. Mike


    The trailer is out www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSJLdi7b4Jo Tom's regular stunt double, Con Schell, posted the link on his FB page. I met Con when I helped Bradstreet with the El Borak photo shoot. He's a super cool dude! Mike
  20. Mike


    The only show I know for certain is Long Beach Comic Con on 27-28 September. I'm still waiting for confirmation from Tom, but Tim and I will be there. Tim and Tom have invitations for a show somewhere in Great Britain this year, and I just herd there may be another one in the U.S. they are invited to, but I'm not certain where. I'll follow up when I hear more. Mike
  21. Thanks, Noeland, I try. Yeah, dinner is always one of the best parts of the show!
  22. Mike

    I JUST...

    I just passed 50lbs for weight lost since the beginning of the year... 80 more to meet goal.
  23. Unfortunately the store is down for now, while RAW looks for a new vendor. Mike
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