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  1. Thanks, k_s! Now all I gotta do is find me the trade when it hits!
  2. Just got my copy not 10 mins ago. Beautiful! Great job all around. Have the single issues already but, there's nothin like classic pulp black & white. There wasn't a dust jacket to this limited edition hc, was there? When I see it advertised online, I just figured the pic you use promoting it (which is also the first page of the book) was the cover. Either way, beautiful piece of work!
  3. Beautiful artwork!! Looking forward to pickin this up, too!
  4. 44-yrs-old and I'm gonna come off like a fan-boy geek, but, here goes... I gotta admit, i may be a bit late to the party, but, I've been admiring Tim Bradstreet's work for a LONG time! And that's puttin it lightly! Having met Mr Bradstreet at a signing 'bout 8 yrs ago, talkin with him about his Cross and Human Target covers, gettin a sketch and a signing, I'd wish I'd found this site earlier to share my fascination in his artwork. I been lucky to get a copy of the signed & #'d hardcover for his first book, Maximum Black to go with my Archetype and Punisher HC library. Love the Cal McDonald covers. The Gangland covers are a coupla of my favorite, as well. I can't say enough about your genius, Mr Bradstreet. And words cannot cover it! Except, keep it comin!!
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