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  1. HAPPIEST 51st BIRTHDAY TO THE TREMENDOUS @Thomas Jane!!!!!!!!! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful day surrounded by all of your most precious loved ones, TJ!!! *Bday Hugs* -- Rosella
  2. Why thank you, sir! You're very welcome! Happy to read you enjoyed your celebration! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, @Al.!!! Hope you had a wonderful time!
  3. Happy Birthday, @Chris Sue!!!! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Bday full of laughter & love!!!
  4. Hey, everyone! It's been awhile. I've been juggling lots of projects that take up so much of my time. It's tricky to balance everything (trying, just need to try harder). But I knew I had to visit this place today to celebrate our master @Tim Bradstreet. Oh, how I miss TB's presence on these boards. I wish you newbies & Loyal Members could have the chance to chat with him on here. You'd love it! Anyways, it seems my photo file size is too big to post on here, I'm afraid. For those who don't follow me on IG, here's a pic I took of Tim (& stylized) & posted to celebrate his special day: HAPPIEST 53rd BIRTHDAY, TB!!! Enjoy!!!
  5. Rosella

    Fedcon 2019

    @Enaira You're welcome! Nonsense! I completely understand that thinking. It all depends on whose work has impacted you more. I've been fortunate enough to have met a lot of incredible people through the years, but there are still people I want to meet BADLY. TJ is at the top of that list for sure, but there are others, too. I love saying "Thank you's" & getting/giving hugs.
  6. I didn't get to mention this earlier (b/c TJ's chat had started).....but that was great! I guess you can't say that "No Chocolate Santas were harmed during the making of this production." HaHa! Sooooooo who had to grab the Santa outta the toilet?
  7. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Absolutely! & so do you, Ariane!
  8. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Thank you so much for making this Q&A happen, Geoff!!! The perfect early Christmas present! Happiest Holidays to you & yours!!!!!!!
  9. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Thank you so much for your time, TJ! We really appreciate it. Wishing you a very happy & successful 2020!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!!!!
  10. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Do you or Courtney have plans to attend Sundance Film Festival next year for Renegade business or no?
  11. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    HaHaHa!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like that change from being the Sci Fi channel to SyFy. I think they just did it for trademark purposes.
  12. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Why thank you! I commend you for running both but would also welcome a merging of the two. As long as you're making content you can be proud of, that's what matters.
  13. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Will you continue to produce films/graphic novels through RAW Entertainment? Or will those projects now be made by Renegade?
  14. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Whoa! That sounds cool! Looking forward to it! (thank you for Aing another Q!)
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