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  1. Rosella

    Fedcon 2019

    @Enaira You're welcome! Nonsense! I completely understand that thinking. It all depends on whose work has impacted you more. I've been fortunate enough to have met a lot of incredible people through the years, but there are still people I want to meet BADLY. TJ is at the top of that list for sure, but there are others, too. I love saying "Thank you's" & getting/giving hugs.
  2. I didn't get to mention this earlier (b/c TJ's chat had started).....but that was great! I guess you can't say that "No Chocolate Santas were harmed during the making of this production." HaHa! Sooooooo who had to grab the Santa outta the toilet?
  3. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Absolutely! & so do you, Ariane!
  4. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Thank you so much for making this Q&A happen, Geoff!!! The perfect early Christmas present! Happiest Holidays to you & yours!!!!!!!
  5. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Thank you so much for your time, TJ! We really appreciate it. Wishing you a very happy & successful 2020!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!!!!
  6. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Do you or Courtney have plans to attend Sundance Film Festival next year for Renegade business or no?
  7. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    HaHaHa!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like that change from being the Sci Fi channel to SyFy. I think they just did it for trademark purposes.
  8. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Why thank you! I commend you for running both but would also welcome a merging of the two. As long as you're making content you can be proud of, that's what matters.
  9. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Will you continue to produce films/graphic novels through RAW Entertainment? Or will those projects now be made by Renegade?
  10. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Whoa! That sounds cool! Looking forward to it! (thank you for Aing another Q!)
  11. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    I agree. But I would trust a classic remake in your hands, & I wouldn't say that to just anyone.
  12. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Thanks for another response! Oh, I love reading that! I'm glad you enjoyed the process & hope you'll get more directing opportunities for TV/film.
  13. Rosella

    TJ Q & A

    Renegade Entertainment sounds like a very promising venture. I read that, in addition to films, the company plans to make games & immersive content. What types of games & immersive content? Is there anything currently in develop for either one (anything you can discuss, of course)?
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