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  1. Thanks for the update, Geoff!! Can't wait! Don't worry. I know you'll think of something & won't look like a doofus in the slightest.
  2. Thanks, Geoff! IG does have its fair share of scammers/fake accounts/negative comments, but those are easy to block & ignore. It's several steps above Twitter, which has become a place where having an opinion on just about any topic will get you trolled. But you can always set your account to private on any social media site you decide to join. If you're interested, that is. No pressure.
  3. It sure does. It doesn't feel like 15 years have gone by. I remember that experience so well. & I know everyone is entitled to having their favorite on-screen Frank Castle; for me, it will always be our TJ.
  4. Rosella

    Todays Birthdays

    Thanks! Oh, you don't have to combine ALL of the individual Bday threads. Maybe just the ones posted most recently this year? Not sure how many there are of those, but hopefully that won't take up too much of your time. Not a priority, really. Just when you can. I always loved getting a personal Bday thread myself; it is a nice little gift. So maybe that can still be a tradition reserved for staff/active members?
  5. Here's one I wrote & posted today: Let Me Be Frank (PED #16) I've got a confession To make About an addiction I can't shake Obsessed with a man Named Jane I'm not ashamed To admit this I just know I can't quit him This beautiful weirdo The most unique soul Will forever remain Stuck on my brain Barefoot and all Definitely Sportin' a fedora Rockin' a skull
  6. Thank you!! I didn't take to poetry until after high school, but it's now one of my favorite forms of writing.
  7. Today, marked the 15th Anniversary of THE PUNISHER (2004) theater release (US/CANADA). I saw it opening weekend. My fandom for TJ was launched. My love & admiration has only furthered deepened ever since.
  8. Rosella

    Todays Birthdays

    Hey, Geoff! That's kind of you to wish members a "Happy Bday" even if they may never see it. But I actually already started this thread awhile back to mark such special occasions & keep Bday msgs. in one place: Any chance you'd want to merge the threads?
  9. I know what you mean. I get where your hesitation comes from, but Instagram is actually one of the better social media sites. Feels less negative on there, & you get to enjoy looking at pretty pictures of your interests & admirations.
  10. Thank you!! I'm working on figuring out a starting point myself & doing what I can to avoid feeling too overwhelmed. I'll try.
  11. Thank you kindly for the encouraging words & positive vibes!! Probably something in the drama category. My writing is usually more on the comedic side, so I want to challenge myself more. I'd also love to tackle a suspense/thriller. I love reading those.
  12. Lovely song! Thanks for sharing it! Happy World Art Day! I make & share art all of the time. Since April is National Poetry Month, I've been writing a poem every single day.
  13. Rosella


    Hello, Enaira!! Welcome to RAW! Hope you like it here!
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