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  1. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, TJ !!! I made this gift for Tom & sent it to him (hope he sees it). Until then, anyone still hanging round these parts can enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0nhUQQX7hs -- Rosella @-}-->---
  2. Thank you for passing along a note to TJ on our behalf!
  3. Rosella

    Crown Vic

    That is great news! Hope it attracts plenty of attention.
  4. Rosella

    Tsunami LA

    Hope it gets made & that TJ will play a big part in it.
  5. I would LOVE to see that poster on my wall.
  6. Good to know. Thanks for finding that out! It was -20 for TJ, eh? That's almost the kind of weather we were having near me, but I think it only got 15 below. Brrr....Cold enough.
  7. Rosella

    Hour of Lead

    Thanks for the update, Geoff!! According to IMDb, it's planned for 2020. That's all I know, in terms of a release year. But I have been stalking Peter Facinelli's Instagram for further details & pics of TJ. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs6CIt-HlMt/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BtHNt__H_Ee/ & yes, Patric is in it. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs6pmqDHpvz/
  8. Rosella


    Great find! Just found out that the BLU-RAY/DVD for A-X-L came out in the US yesterday. So I know which movie I'll be buying next.
  9. Rosella

    The Predator

    Whoa. I would've liked to have seen some Predator-monkey hybrids. That's a lot of stop-motion blood! Did anyone get or give THE PREDATOR BLU-RAY/DVD for Christmas? I received a cool copy of the box set from Wal-Mart. It comes with a key chain.
  10. Thank you, Geoff!!! Hope your Christmas was quite merry & that you'll have a wonderful 2019!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!!! May you all have so many great memories this year!!!
  11. Rosella

    The Predator

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review, TJ! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. & thank you so much for answering more of my questions!! Baxley being fireproof -- Clever! I thought maybe the hula girl came from another lover from Baxley's past OR that it represented a piece of paradise Baxley dreamed of visiting one day. That's cool you got to keep the necklace! You did a remarkable job. I recently saw the video you had made about endorsing Pete Antico for SAG-AFTRA president in 2017, so I had looked him up earlier. He has quite an impressive body of work, both acting/stunts. I'm happy you were able to get a lot of insights from him & apply what you learned for the role. Thanks for the link! I'll definitely take a look & read more about it. Thanks for stopping by & hanging out with us! *HUGS* We appreciate it immensely. You're welcome to chat (& lurk) with us anytime.
  12. Rosella


    I saw A.X.L. on the 1st, so I got to have myself a TJ Bday (yay!) I really liked it. I think it's a great movie full of heart & awesome stunts. I wish TJ's role had been bigger in it, but he had a few scenes, so it was more than just a one-off cameo. It would've been nice to have seen that interrogation scene between Chuck Hill (TJ) & that agent; it must've gotten lost on the cutting room floor. Oh! & when I went to see another movie earlier, the AMC theater at the time gave out free mini posters of A.X.L., so I picked myself up one of those. Score! Has anyone else on here seen the movie, yet?
  13. Rosella

    The Predator

    I second that. Why do people keep saying that in order to enjoy it, one has to take out their brain? Anytime there's a reboot, remake, or sequel, fans find a reason to get upset. THE PREDATOR made #1 at the Box Office with $24 million! Overseas, it brought in an additional $30.7 million! Granted, there's still a ways to go to make back &/or surpass its budget, but $54.7 million is pretty good. & this is just weekend one. So you just gotta keep spreading the word about it.
  14. Thank you for reading all about it, Geoff!! Pics? Here ya go:
  15. Welcome to RAW, Mazzie!! It's nice to meet you on here. Happy to see you're already posting.
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