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  1. Great covers you've illustrated, like them a lot. Chad Ward's look pretty nice as well... for some reason, I didn't realize that book publishers had such high interest in a good looking cover (which is like "DUH" looking back.) Guess I'm not spending enough time in the book store.
  2. No, he said it... it was probably in late 2005 or early 2006 he brought it up. A lot of Punisher stuff is falling between the cracks though, like the "People v. Castle" one shot that never came through. Haven't heard anything about either for a long time.
  3. Definitely looks like it'll be the big winner that week. It's such a great story... I heard it the first time on tape a bunch of years ago, really looking forward to this movie.
  4. I didn't used to think about covers as much of a big deal... but then there were a few years that I was out of comics, and when I came back and saw Tim's covers for the Marvel Knights run, I was kind of shocked that that the illustrations on the inside didn't try and match or mimic what was on the cover, either in realism or in the design of the Punisher character... what was on the outside was just way more bad-ass. Kind of a militaristic layer over a heavily urban character. I wonder what would happen if we did get an entire issue of Bradstreet-esque visuals... Punisher MAX was getting close
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