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  1. Geoff, did you go? This is Joan from Twitter...your pest
  2. Tried to add a picture..it lets me upload and when I hit done...no picture...
  3. http://s1146.photobucket.com/user/twkfan/library/Thomas%20Jane/TJ%20The%20Mist%20Punisher%20props Thomas you could make this easier for me...just let me cherry pick your props! Happy Belated Birthday! Enjoy my fellow TJ friends!!!
  4. Hi all! Just wanted to share some more movie props from TJ's movie. I now have acquired his shirt from The Mist and his baseball cap from The Punisher! Also, some rope from The Mist! I know you will enjoy them as much as I do! Link to follow! I am now done chasing after TJ props..why? Because, they are freaking hard to find! ?? Ps can someone tell me why I cannot update my profile picture? Thanks!!
  5. Oh yeah! Let's not forget "Texas Rising" that is on the History Channel for Memorial Day weekend! The more Thomas Jane, the better!
  6. Nice! Well..I just watched "Into the Grizzly Maze" on Demand! I love to watch Thomas Jane act! He makes movies enjoyable! Catch it..I really liked it! Sidebar to Geoff..nice..I just found a frame shop so the props I do have will be ready to hang. Like you I am only sure that the "wristband" was Hero used, but hey it's Thomas Jane! Thanks for adding me as a friend! Just finished my spring exams this week!! The summer and some serious partying is in progress!
  7. Thanks! It is awesome to share them with true Thomas Jane fans!
  8. I would love to the problem is not many of his movie props come up for auction! I plan on shadow boxing them with a photo or blu-ray of the films they go with.
  9. http://s1146.photobucket.com/user/twkfan/library/Thomas%20Jane
  10. http://s1146.photobucket.com/user/twkfan/library/Thomas%20Jane Hope that works! Enjoy!
  11. Hey all! Finally got the Thomas Jane movie props I have uploaded to Photo Bucket! How do I share? Help! Thanks!
  12. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was special!
  13. Thank you so much! It's just nice to be here... I appreciate the welcome!
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