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  1. OOOHHH, Nashville . . .

    Did someone say, The Pancake Pantry?


    I can taste the incredibleness now.


    - tb


    No, Bradstreet, someone said Belcourt Theater. You really shouldn't read the forums when you're hungry.

    There's a lot more to Nashville than country music and....pancakes.

  2. Of course the website comes up blank to me....

    However the website is registered to:

    KOCH Entertainment

    Name removed

    22 Harbor Park Drive

    Port Washington, NY 11050


    Phone: Number removed

    Email: Email Removed


    Koch's Distribution site comes up as E1 (Entertainment one)... and one of the E1 distribution labels is for National Entertainment Media...


    So E1 is a US company and it isn't one guy (I hope)...


    Website comes up blank for me too, which made me wonder.....

    Thanks for the info you scrounged up, such a it is.

  3. Either way, I'm excited to see this fucker on dvd, or theater, pop up book, flip book or smoke signals!



    I have to admit, I will be pissed if this doesn't get a decent theatrical release.



    I haven't heard back from the production company beyond, "Yeah, we got domestic." Maybe they'll do limited screenings? I don't know. Surely that's possible. It's all up to the distribution company, National American Media, who I haven't spoken to yet.


    I popped National American Media into google just out of curiosity and got nothin.

    Do they really exist?

  4. Could you imagine having 3 weeks of your life where everyday you have to talk to several self-centered strangers for 4-6 minutes at a crack? It's like a really bad cocktail party, or worse, speed dating. The interview gauntlet must be the worst part of any creative endeavor in Hollywood. Blech!


    Especially when you star in a show called Hung.

  5. Don't forget the moth!


    I was talking to my Mother the other night about finding moths in the grapes at work. They seem to keep finding themselves getting packed into the crates. Anyway, she was telling me how when she was little, she heard a story about moths and how they represent a sprit stuck on earth.


    I did some more looking into it, and found some moth folklore to back this idea up. From one site I found:

    "A butterfly or moth will hover for a time in one place or fly in a fleeting, hesitant manner, suggesting a soul that is reluctant to move on to the next world. "


    That in mind, you have the one moth at the Motel. Gina or Dick? Hmmm.

    As the film goes on, there seem to be more and more, and Dick's attempt at a getaway at the end? Foiled by a swarm of moths.


    Ah, yes, the moth. That's interesting info. I didn't know all that. You have that one moth on the window at the beginning and that moth on the road after the accident. Spooky.


    I stopped reading reviews for Dark Country, but one reviewer I read a while ago said that there was absolutely no foreshadowing in the movie. I just wanted to say, Dude, did you not see the moths??

  6. One of the things I most love about Dark Country was Tom's decision to replay the audio from the beginning of the film at the end, starting the cycle anew. I just fucking LOVE that.


    - TB


    That. combined with the opening scene with the almost disorienting drop down the front of the Motel sign (which I see as analogous to falling down the rabbit hole), is why I think the entire story takes place in the "dark" country. Just because it's not night time doesn't mean the characters aren't in "the dark."

  7. I just heard the other day that studios don't bother collecting data on folks over 59. Once a person has turned 60, the studios no longer think they exist.


    Bruce Springsteen turned 60 this year. "poof"


    Who do they think would be interested in a ramped up version of all the movies they watched in the "old days?" Who knows or cares about noir? Who watched Bogart and Newman and McQueen on the big screen? I'll give you a hint - not the G4 crowd.


    Don't get me wrong. I get the impression Malone could have a broad spectrum of appeal. But the studios only look at one end of the spectrum.


    Sorry for the rant. I'll get off of my soapbox now.

  8. My point being was that, to me, she looks like she's been dead a while. Much longer than just an evening.



    I don't know. I've never really been around dead people.


    I think it's way more interesting that when Bloodyface is in the car, Gina is very flesh tone and Dick is almost grey. Bloodyface is, well, bloody red.



    - White fade into kissing

    - 2nd kissing scene in red lights, 3rd in blue lights


    Yeah, I noticed that, too. I'm figuring

    white = innocence / ignorance

    red = passion / lust

    blue = dead as a doornail


    The progression of their relationship.


    Either that, or the guy doing the lighting was very patriotic.

  10. As for the questions in the film, I have to admit that when the film closed it didn't really matter to me who killed Gina. Though part of me wonders, given how blue she looked if she was ever even in the car with Dick. I have to wonder if she wasn't killed in the hotel room, and brought out to the desert to be buried, and Dick just fabricated all the conversations in his head. He probably had that argument with her corpse.


    How blue she looked?? It seemed to me that Gina had very warm skin tones and Dick looked almost grey in the car. It's not consistent through the whole movie and I don't have time to watch it all again right now anyway. But I just don't know where you're coming from with the "blue" comment. When does she look blue to you?



    When Bloodyface asks, "Have you been murdered before?" Was he directing that at Dick or Gina? I'm thinking Dick, but I'm not sure.


    Watching the scene where Dick goes back and finds the empty grave and yells, "I killed you. I killed you." I wondered if in "reality" Dick had committed suicide.

  11. As for the questions in the film, I have to admit that when the film closed it didn't really matter to me who killed Gina. Though part of me wonders, given how blue she looked if she was ever even in the car with Dick. I have to wonder if she wasn't killed in the hotel room, and brought out to the desert to be buried, and Dick just fabricated all the conversations in his head. He probably had that argument with her corpse.


    Dang, Noeland, I've been hashing all kinds of theories about the story in my mind, and that particular one never occurred to me. But after hearing Thomas say in the commentary that he had originally wanted Gina to have white hair, I started to wonder if maybe she had been a ghost all along. I don't know; maybe they both were. The time loop seems to start at the very beginning of the movie. Dick wakes up and can't remember much of anything from the day before. There's Gina and the wedding receipt in his pocket. There's been some discussion about what the portal is to the Dark Country time loop, but the fog of that night before may have been it.


    Another thought I had is that Gina is the key to ending the time loop. She needs to trust Dick to make it all stop. They made a point of showing us the Chinese trust tattoo Dick has on his arm, which Gina had not noticed before. (Whick makes me think they've spent MOST of their time together so far in the dark.) She makes light of the whole ''trust" thing and blows it off. She didn't tell him about the gun in her purse or about the creepy guy in her past. And she refuses to go back to the burial place to retrieve the lost watch. I think she already had the watch, which probably fell off while they were cleaning each other up in the car before going into the restrooms. She had stolen his watch, and was not happy that he had engraved his name in it. At first it seemed like that was because the authorities would know who buried the dead guy. But I think it was because Gina had planned to fence it later. She didn't trust him, or love him, enough to just hand the watch back to him. That would explain the watch being with Gina's body. Dick told Gina he loved her, but I don't remember her ever saying that to him.

  12. I've been thinking about the car in the film. How it is a "fourth character." How bad things happen when the lights get shut off while Dick's driving and then turned back on again. And those creepy sounds and moans coming over the radio when they're driving in the Dark Country. I'm wondering if the map came with the car and the car is posessed or something.


  13. So is HBO showing repeats of the season one episodes? Every time I listen to Thomas doing an interview for Dark Country, they inevitably bring up Hung. It's like free advertising for HBO.

  14. Somehow on the first run through I missed the badge on the Stranger's belt. So he is a cop, but I still think he's supernatural, and that he remains in the Dark Country, unlike The Sheriff. Since Dick's car ghosts out after the chase, I'm lead to believe that he is entering the timeloop again, while The Sheriff escapes. Maybe the Sheriff continues to reappear in the time loops, but almost as a living ghost (or hell, maybe he died years ago). I'd really like to see the story through his eyes, maybe with the events reappearing in nightmares while he sleeps (that's another topic for another day).


    I missed the badge. Will have to look for that during my next viewing.

    The only way I can see the Sheriff NOT being part of the time loop is if the loop plays itself out differently each time, and he happened to be in this go-round. This just happens to be the time loop we get to see. That idea is based on Bloodyface saying something to the effect of, "This is the only way I can end this." or "There's only one way to end this." I don't remember the exact quote. I'll have to listen for that on next viewing as well. Also, at one point Bloodyface wants to be let out of the car, then later changes his mind and begs them not to leave him behind. Like maybe he tried that scenerio in a past loop and it didn't work either. No matter what he does, Gina still dies and he still becomes Bloodyface.

  15. Tim - It sounds like you entered your own dark country to attain the goal of your quest. Very humorous. I've made it a point to avoid San Diego Wal-Mart at all costs.


    JWeber - Interesting ideas about the characters. I hadn't looked at it that way, and your thoughts have made me think about some things differently as well.


    I watched the movie with the commentary today and have to admit that I missed them driving through the tunnel on my first viewing, as well as the car (Mustang?) fading out and then back in again near the end. Also the flash of that dangling skull. I must have blinked the first time. It's stuff like that I have to catch on repeated viewings, especially in a film like this that is so dark most of the time.


    I don't see how the Sheriff can be part of "reality" when he is part of the time loop. So JWeber has an intersting idea of how he might fit in there. The other cars parked in the rest area suggest to me that there are others trapped in the time loop as well. I don't see how to get to the idea that Dick is a serial killer from what I saw in the story, except maybe for the line about women all being the same. If that was it, that was super-subtle.

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