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  1. I liked that you like M. Knight Shyamalan's films. I know "Signs" was ragged on by the critics but, for a month after I watched that flick, I only felt safe when I was taking a shower.


    I heard a lot of crap about "The Fountain" too. So now I know what my mind set should be when I watch it eventually. It's on my netflix list.


    And I hadn't even heard of "Sunshine." So that is on my save list over there now, too.


    Looking forward to the next podcast.

  2. I was thinking about this in favorite SciFi films, but thought it would fit in this section better.

    This is one of my favorite movies for a few reasons. One of which is I finally figured out "that guy" was Thomas Jane and started looking for other films he had been in. But also becaue, everytime I see the scene where the humongous shark chomps on Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson) it just cracks me up. Here is an intelligent man speaking extrememly loudly next to the pool where he knows the sharks are, but whatever CHOMP!

    Then, of course, there is the obligatory "hot chick in her underwear" scene. And for some reason they made a CG look to the shark before it chomped on Susan like it was sneering at her - sort of human-like. Apparently, they didn't think the steely dead eyes of a shark were scary enough. I'm sure if this filmn as made today, the CG would be much better. But really, the death that was the most gripping to me was when Janice went under water in the access tunnel and Carter was hanging upside down trying desperately to reach her. Sometimes it's what you don't show in a movie that is the most effective.


    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Name: Vicki Actuallu, Victoria. But nobody calls me that unless I'm in a doctor's office or something.

    Where you from: Currently residing near Nashville, TN. Previously lived in Michigan, Alabama, Missouri, Iowa and Ohio.

    Occupation: licensed massage therapist

    How did you find this forum: I checked out Thomas Jane on the IMDb to see if there was anything new there, and saw the link from Jen on the message board.

    What are you reading: 90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

    Next book in the que: nothing at the moment

    What are you listening to: Matthew Perryman Jones' Throwing Punches in the Dark

    What are you watching: Lately I've started going through the OZ series from HBO. Just finished season 1.

    Next film in the que: 10 Items or Less is next on my netflix list. Someone, who's opinion I value, posted elsewhere that they thought it was good.

    Favorite film: Aliens. I tend to lean more toward Sci-Fi than Horror. Real life is horrifying enough. But that's just me.

  4. Aliens is my all time favorite movie. I was bummed, Jen, that they killed off Hicks at the beginning of Alien3. There was supposed to be a script out there written by William Gibson in which Hicks was the main character in Alien3, but Sigourney had more clout. (Or something like that.) Anyway, I have a dog named Ripley.


    All I have to add is:


    Underworld Evolution

    Aeon Flux

    Johnny Mnemonic (I like William Gibson stories.)



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