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  1. I learned a new word - pastiche. It was an interesting read.
  2. My first thought after watching this episode was - Considering all the evil in the world already, I think that cork is leaking. I mostly wonder why Richard left Isabella's cross buried all those years, and then chose to dig it up now that Jacob is dead.
  3. Great choice. I might not have thought so if I hadn't seen him in Sunshine.
  4. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see this in the theater. So I'm looking forward to June 15. Thanks for the update.
  5. Okay but, if they've been taken to another planet to be the prey, how can any human expect to survive? Is the sole survivor going to be "rewarded" with their freedom? Or is the flick just going to be the idea of seeing how many predators can be taken out before all the humans are dead? I don't see the point if that's it.
  6. kwiat_skye


    Watched it. Liked it. I've only seen TO in a couple of things before this, but thought he was good in the part. Looking forward to seeing more.
  7. The thing that bothers me is Sawyer has been promised that he will get off the island. But there's a difference between getting OFF the island and actually getting somewhere ELSE. If, as Juliet said, it worked; then where could Sawyer actually GO?
  8. Hope you're having a great birthday!
  9. kwiat_skye


    More likely it would be used for target practice.
  10. Thanks TB. I don't know anything about this art stuff, so whenever you explain something, it illuminates me.
  11. Question: On the myspace page, Gallows is described as having black hair, but in the last pic posted on your FB page, his hair looks lighter. Did you change that about him? Or do my eyes deceive me?
  12. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the preview.
  13. Thanks for posting the link. I was just too lazy to go searching for it.
  14. There's also a search tab if you click on the My Assistant link at the top right. I don't know what the difference is.
  15. I have no clue who or what movies were nominated. Anybody have a link?
  16. I don't know. That last part might put them on the no-fly list.
  17. Hi there Blondielox. I've seen you lurking before and am so glad you've posted, especially since you said I like that, too! Catchy.
  18. I'm watching it. I think it's a great vehicle for Mark Valley, and I'm looking forward to what they reveal about Chase's back story.
  19. I have not seen Avatar yet, but have certainly read a lot about it. And I wonder what you all thought about it getting best movie last night at the Golden Globes? From posts similar to Nighthawk's, I get the impression that the best thing about this movie is experiencing the visuals. The story is sort of mediocre. So I say, if you want to give it an award for breakthrough cgi or whatever, fine. But best movie??? I think not.
  20. Sorry Bradstreet. I missed the joke. I think I perked up at the thought of a mug, since my white trash hobby is collecting mugs. A TJ coffee mug would be nice - just not that pic. Dang, you got me all excited and then you shot me down. This is one of those "endeavour to persevere" moments.
  21. Well, this thread is obviously devolving. Y'all have very interesting lives. Anyway..................... I gotta say, there are probably a couple of dozen other pics of TJ I'd be much more inclined to purchase. Just my lame opinion. If you choose to make a mug, make it at least 12 oz. I hate drinking coffee out of little tiny mugs. As for RAW DEALS - well that seemed sort of white bread. I thought you were wanting something more off the wall. My error. It works fine.
  22. That's a very passionate post there, Bradstreet. A fun read. I gotta say, the other week when hubby and I went to see Sherlock Holmes in the theater, there were folks in front of us going to see Avatar. They had the option of 2D or 3D. It's $10 just to get into the theater and an extra $3.50 for the 3D. Both groups chose 2D. We're talking small screen here, but I thought, man, if I was going to see Avatar and could see it in 3D, that is what I would spring for. Although, I'm sure IMAX would be the best place to spend the money for the experience. But with the economy the way it is, $13.50 is a lot to drop on one seat in a movie theater. The visuals sound stunning. That they wrap around a time worn story is secondary. Most stories about the human condition are time worn.
  23. This is out on Netflix January 19th. This is their synopsis: "When a family agrees to host an occult-obsessed Nazi scholar in their West Virginia farmhouse prior to World War II, they're transformed into his undead slaves and must kidnap local victims to feed his bloodlust. Years later, an abducted war hero (Dominic Purcell) breaks free from the zombie family's clutches, rounds up his brother (Henry Cavill) and returns to the wilderness for payback. Joel Schumacher directs this supernatural horror flick."
  24. No dust cover. Just the pretty twelve-legged death spider.
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