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    irish46- wung. did I win the microwave? sveinx
  2. This is a psuedo- apology that I felt I had to make to Thomas Jane. I tried p.m'ing him so I didn't have to waste forum space but it's deactivated so I'm putting it here. Hey- I'm sorry. not really but you know, a little bit. cause I wasn't insulting your wife. There was a communication gap. maybe you should steer clear of my site afterall. you peek in there- you'll have an aneurism. be rest assured- I am not defaming your wife but rather enlighten people to her. Teaching through her. Albiet with a filthy mouth- but personally I have always found classical teachers boring and ineffec
  3. Jen- Au contraire dear, the highest he has ever sung was on 'The Perfect Drug' on the Lost Highway soundtrack. sveinx
  4. yeah, this is an extremely cool find. thank you. what would be really funny is if the sound of the movie is in mono. what's truly fascinating is Thomas's 3-D superpowers. He actually has black space that he can cut into if he so desires. But as far as articulate matte- its funny listening to Thomas talk about it how he doesn't think it has been done before and wants to be the first. He sounds like some dude up in scotland who just built his own airplane like in 1953 and thinks he's gonna be the first guy to ever fly. sorry pal. but mad respect nevertheless to Thomas Jane. R
  5. WOW! I know its not the best criticism but its all I got right now. and everyone on this page is brilliant. I mean, some are more brilliant than others but keep practicing and everyone will eventually be just as brilliant as the next guy. or something like that. sveinx
  6. Have you heard Leash? It is sooooooo good!!
  7. Jen- dude- that beard came in fast!
  8. I like this one. It reminds me of L.A. sveinx
  9. I don't see anybody else here. Then who the fuck Am I talkin to? Am I shizo cause I am basically talking to my computer right now and its giving me the silent treatment. and besides- you can't be Robert Deniro because I am Robert Deniro. sveinx
  10. noelandlovesmachetes- yeah, but it isn't nearly as cool when Tim does it anymore- cause he's always posting. sveinx
  11. Hey man- are you Robert Deniro? you are aren't you?
  12. what a little pretty boy. he doesn't even wear glasses. no. I'm being facetious and kinda nautious lookin at it but no- this is a beautiful picture. Too bad that's not his kid. Flipping through this thread- I realized Thomas seems like a kind spirit. mainly through his smiles. Oh wait is he reading this? In that case- Fuck you Tommy. sveinx
  13. Hi Thomas- What website is this? I suspect it is the one mediumfan and I moderate but as you can see she was sneaky about it and flashed the camera her laptop for a split second and stuck her tongue out. The layout of vertical centered photographs look similar but I was told it could also be Facebook. please find out for me. and I'll return the favor somehow. There isn't really anything i can do for you but...if you think of something. If you answer this question- I promise you- you will shut me and mediumfan up on this thread for good. I'm just DYIN' TO KNOW!
  14. JO- HELL Motherfuckin' Yeah!! I love Videodrome, Scanners, Existenz and Crash oh and Dead Ringers. History of Violence was pretty cool too. But that's weird cause Spider was my least favorite. I don't know- it just didn't turn me on. M Butterfly and Naked Lunch was sorta flat to me too. Different strokes for different folks I guess- but oddly enough- the same director. and mediumfan- Rhys has got to go pee-pee, Tim has a pole stuck up his ass and Patricia is gonna get a wicked case of poison ivy. but that movie is cool- Michel Gondry has directed mus
  15. Oh My GOD! I have become a death spyder embryo. hey Amy~ You're right. Sid Viscious wasn't a pussy. he was more a dick. no just kidding- i agree with you 100% that punk is a political platform to shove it in the system's face. I was just never into it sonically but I love the energy and drive behind it and yeah- I heard about how Queen Elizabeth was on a boat or ferry or something on some river for some dinner get-together. And the Sex Pistols floated by on another boat playing like obnoxiously (their instruments not a tape) and as they floated by the Queen Johnny Rotten i
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