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  1. Blimey that is going back some lol.
  2. Don't wait for me I've still not even started S4 yet.
  3. I'll sort something don't you worry.
  4. 99% sure I'll be there all weekend yes. He will be busy for most of it but we'll get together in the evenings and we'll do some bits. Don't worry I won't let you miss out. I'll think of something for ya.
  5. We are just doing photo shoots and signings and a bit of running about. But as always Ive got a few ideas for some off the cuff stuff I gotta rope Tom into.
  6. Bloody social media..... Ruins some nice news but yes Thomas has signed on to appear (scheduled permitting) We are working through bits as we speak. More updates soon.
  7. Geoff

    Hour of Lead

    This is an old advance poster but at least its out now, not sure if its the once being used. I've emailed the producers to see what updates they are ready to share. Still think the release date is planned in for May 4th but might come in sooner depending on whats been finished with Vertical.
  8. Geoff

    Hunters Moon

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUtT0WwwFFQ Trailer is now back on line with formal announcement due shortly.
  9. Geoff

    Hunters Moon

    Id only suggest to use your judgement on what you find. If its sensitive in any way always reach out to me first but still like what you found here post away in your certain its legit dont want to hold anyone back in case im late to posting due to time etc.
  10. Geoff

    Hunters Moon

    If I ever get a schedule nailed down I promise I will. Its like herding cats.
  11. Geoff

    Hunters Moon

    No need for sorry, couple of points from that one: I think its really cool you found it as I was then able to pass to the director who got onto Lionsgate to find it was leaked and taken down you actually you finding it was a really big help! Is another example of why I wait sometimes though before getting stuff up here and and check with a few sources to make sure its legit. The internet can be a nightmare for that type of stuff.
  12. Geoff

    Hunters Moon

    You may have noticed that the content has been removed. I spoke with Michael last night who advised this was leaked so has been taken down off line formally. Will be released formally shortly.
  13. Geoff

    Hunters Moon

    Yup, Im a gonna see it too, looks like Michael did a good job with it. I think (just bear in mind) the 24th will be the US release.
  14. Geoff

    Hunters Moon

    Could be clever editing for the trailer....
  15. Geoff

    Hunters Moon

    Yeah I knew the name was changing but was awaiting official artwork but yes. Good find on the trailer. Hadn't seen it.
  16. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    LOL. Cheers for that! Screen Media did the domestic sales (US sales) but its looks likes they have put it out as a general release on 7th Jan as if you Google something like "UK release date for Crown Vic DVD" then the 7th Jan gets returned as a date, hence the information its only when I couldn't see it this morning that I started to email folks and ask the question. With L.A being 8 hours behind me im only just getting the answers.
  17. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    Hi gang, OK so not the best news im afraid. The DVD has come out today but only on region 1 discs (US) it can be purchased from amazon.com or through amazon.co.uk but comes from US and is region 1. Here's the worse news. Screen Media are not handling internal sales which basically means its being sold individually into each country for release so whoever buys it will then determine when its gets released. Here's the worst news. I have no date for release into Europe or UK and neither does anyone else currently. Could change quite quickly but It might take a while im afraid.
  18. Happy New Year Everyone, gonna be a great year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Geoff

    Forum Upgrade

    Yet my bloody upgrades this morning. Let me know if there is anything funky but looks ok from here.
  20. Geoff


    Wow a lot has happened this year!!! I want to thank you all for being a part of this RAW family. Without you guys I wouldn't be doing much here so thank you for your support. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Love to you and your familys xx
  21. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    Somebody asked in the q and a about downloads. It's out in the UK on Jan 7th but here is a list of where it can be watched currently. CROWN VIC | Now Playing OnDemand Website: www.crownvicfilm.com AppleTV/iTunes: www.apple.co/2qTEkNc Amazon: www.amzn.to/2NRpzDy Spectrum: www.bit.ly/2OiKb6B FandangoNow: www.bit.ly/2rRxPuZ Vudu: www.bit.ly/2OgUvw5 Letterboxd: www.bit.ly/37gHsDJ Microsoft Store: www.bit.ly/2KtiZB5
  22. Geoff

    TJ Q & A

    Nothing got pulled last night.
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