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  1. Geoff


    Well that was the model.of the Buick so that's kinda cool.
  2. Geoff


    No need to delete anything I removed Tom's post as part of the "politics" Film will see the light of day as Tom has been doing some final ADR work.
  3. Love the enthusiasm but you guys need to engage your calm. Nothing is happening any time soon. This cycles around every so often but it will be discussed as we all love that world.
  4. Geoff


    Yes. Lets just call it Hollywood politics.
  5. Geoff


  6. https://deadline.com/2020/02/voltage-sales-cinestate-school-shooting-movie-run-hide-fight-1202857057/ sales now commenced
  7. Nope. Thomas and Anne were both given the award for their body of work.
  8. I could have gone to the event with Court and Thomas on Sat but alas still in the UK.
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