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  1. Geoff


    The problem with playing a character floating in space the location doesn't change much.
  2. No RAW merch is currently available. I'm not honestly sure if there is old stock of any kind but it's worth knowing and I'll ask Tom as I don't have one myself and I'd love one. As for reproduction I'm not sure if copyright or trademark exists on the logo but certainly formal permission would have to be obtained. Will check that also and let you know.
  3. Another question for the Q and A next month.
  4. You never know. Maybe see if she has any social media.
  5. HA! I mean I say Ha but seriously who knows. Maybe its a good question for the Q & A next month.
  6. To be completely fair it wouldn't surprise me if Tom now owns a large percentage of Millers wardrobe!
  7. Watched the extended edition last night with a beer or two in celebration.
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