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  1. HA, fun read this. Keep it going.
  2. As an update here (although limited) things are moving forward with schedules. People have been lined up and things being put in place but bloody hell there is a lot of work to do before even pre production starts. Hoping to be shot late this year but thats all I can say at the mo.
  3. Geoff


    Still no news here either so im kinda thinking this one might be sunk. Just awaiting confirmation. Thomas and Anne are cooking up something else though, just to early to comment officially yet.
  4. Alas it appears likely never. From Toms understanding this one is now a non starter. Just couldn't get everything aligned.
  5. Used to love Buffy The Vampire Slayer so looking forward to meeting James.
  6. Geoff


    Youre all quite mad. Nothing Misery like just busy (Mask off MWHAHAHAHAHAHA)
  7. Blimey that is going back some lol.
  8. Don't wait for me I've still not even started S4 yet.
  9. I'll sort something don't you worry.
  10. 99% sure I'll be there all weekend yes. He will be busy for most of it but we'll get together in the evenings and we'll do some bits. Don't worry I won't let you miss out. I'll think of something for ya.
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