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  1. These just keep getting better..... Happy Birthday Handsome !
  2. Happy Happy Birthday ! ..... ...and see you soon in April. :^]
  3. Happy Birthday Mike ! Long time, no see... If you're going to the next ComicCon, see you there. I'll swing by before they open to the crowds & say "Howdy-Do". -M.
  4. Happy day from the bay..... -Happy Birthday Joyce.-
  5. Marcia

    Reach Me

    RAWsters..... owuuuhhhhhh !!!!! Let's do this !!! REACH ME THE MOVIE AT INDIEGOGO | Indiegogo
  6. Marcia

    Reach Me

    'Reach Me' is now at Indiegogo : REACH ME THE MOVIE AT INDIEGOGO | Indiegogo .
  7. You know my weakness..... waiting patiently. As for the Wolfie tee thing... they Emailed about it... Sorry to hear that 'Reach Me' funding with Kickstarter has been canceled. It has however, moved to: REACH ME THE MOVIE AT INDIEGOGO | Indiegogo ... yippy-skippy ! It's only for one week though so, go get 'em folks. Jump on it !!!
  8. Joyous date of birth (& all the other ones too) !
  9. Happy Birthday Girl ! ................................
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