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  1. It's not like those fools don't deserve it! LET EM HAVE IT! I just went to the dentist last week, he was probing around in my mouth with a pic and said "OOOOO, here's a micro cavity" and proceeded to attempt to push the pick as far in as he could! Which of course made it deeper, and more of a necessity to get fixed. It's nowhere near the magnitude of your root canal, but I fully endorse your "message". Good luck!
  2. That sounds just jim dandy, Tim...I am definitely looking forward to it. Now I'll have something worthwhile to covertly listen to while at work.
  3. Jay, Those pages are awesome, man. They play just as well uncolored as they do colored. You could leave them black and white and they'd be just as powerful!
  4. John G, post some of your Shiner (or is it Shiner Monks?) work over here. I checked out your blog and I'm really digging on it. I also loved that piece from The Free Times College Guide, I think the colors do work, btw.
  5. Noeland: I really dig the edge and feel of your work. In my opinion it takes mad talent to work in absolute black and white, and hard to pull off. You do it with bravado! Snailmaster: Being a fellow digital artist myself, it's good to see someone of your caliber working in this medium. I head up the digital department where I work and caught one of my guys with one of your pieces set as his desktop image. Too bad they don't all have the same penchant for digital work that is so choice. PhD: Color, composition, style.....it's all there and in mass quantity. Each piece makes me wond
  6. I have to admit that I was more than elated to see that RAW has its' own forum now. You guys have one of the best artist/fan relationships going. To everyone on the board, GREETINGS! To Tim, sorry I couldn't make it to ComicCon this year, I had hopes of oddly looming around your booth once again for a spell. I hope that my "envoy" delivered what I had hoped to present to you myself and that you dug it. I'm really looking forward to being an active part of this joint.
  7. Thanks for the props, but I don't sell copies of them, and there are only a few copies around....Tim having one of them. I wouldn't mind seeing it produced, but I'd never do it unless both Tim and I were compensated within reason. I have to agree with Tim, having someone continually profit off of your work with no royalties does indeed stink. Besides, I'd probably spend another several months going back and fixing all the things I don't like about it before I'd let it out of my hands in THAT big of a way.
  8. Hey Guys, Even though I wasn't able to attend ComicCon this year, I was lucky enough to have a friend that did....and was able to present to Tim an unpainted version of one of these: It's a piece I did that's a mix of body scanning, digital modeling, rapid prototyping, traditional sculpting...the whole shabang. My only regret was that I wasn't able to get my guy to paint it up like this (SORRY TIM!): Thought I would share as, to be honest, Tim's work is what jumpstarted me back into doing my own projects again. Next up is a piece based on one of his Punisher cov
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