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    love movies (Thomas Jane rules)love my wife a two cats, i like to write stories and draw/paint. horses(cause i work with them) meeting new people, so i can forget the ones i know...yes i have a sick sense of humour!call me at 647 655 2973 or 647 858 2973

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  1. sinn

    keep it raw!

    i see things are moving along as usual here... so don't let me wake you! heres keeping it real...doing my way...and flat broke for it!!!
  2. hate to bring down the party...it was the worst movie i have seen in years! it was like they were making it up as they went
  3. TJ as Miller makes the show
  4. hey buddy....busy....aren't we all! just sayin'...
  5. sinn

    New Punisher?

    jon bernthal is the new punisher! great choice!!! maybe now i'll check out dare devil
  6. sinn

    keep it raw!

    hey out there...all work not much play! be good have fun take care
  7. I would send anything...I don't think you would get it back
  8. my local walmart has it. but they want $25 ...think i'll keep looking
  9. I found an address online...there you have it
  10. last time I listened to someone, I tried to watch Killshot...and that's just what it did! killshot my hard drive in 5 seconds! no thanks!!!
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