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  1. o.k. saw it. you were all right.
  2. I have to see this. How could you not? admit it, even if its a car accident, you have to look. What i will do is use the free passes i have.
  3. liked it but the last third came out of nowhere for me and i left wishing it had not happened that way. otherwise brilliant almost to the end. jimmy
  4. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/39450 Beware...this is the first review i have seen online.
  5. beautiful. the one with the girl on the dead guy under the sheet is an instant classic.
  6. was I suppose to laugh during the whole film? why is it so hard to get this material right? jigsaw . nuff said. the whole film was a franchise killer. its sad because we will not see another punisher movie for the next 10 years. trust me.
  7. Bob McGinnis is one of my favorite illustrators . hands down...what Joe Jusko did on the 21 DOWN covers for wildstorm was all about bob. check them out.
  8. new to the thread, but got to chime in that medium is one of mine and amanda conners favorite shows and cant wait for the new season to start. We have never met patricia in person, but from what i hear, she is very cool.
  9. That trailer kicks mighty ass...kill the song though. Yay tom... jimmy p
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