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  1. Is very sad to know that when issue #61 comes out next week it will have neither Tim's amazing work on the cover or Garth's writing tying the book together inside. As for the writer of the next six issues he is a hell of a crime writer I have read a few of his books and I think Gregg Hurwitz will do just fine. Same for all of the writers Marvel has chose to do arcs all are very good crime novelists.
  2. sorry I hate Disney crap, always have even as a kid. Aaron
  3. Saw it yesterday and thought it was great! Thomas Jane was awesome as always. I really hope the movie can hang in there and make a profit and do well on DVD. I swear I don't get some of the films that make big money lately, you couldn't pay me enough to see Enchanted. Aaron
  4. the pics look great, I am really looking forward to this film TJ is just too damn cool! Aaron
  5. Love this movie! Tom was great in it, though I have to say the whole cast was pretty damn cool. Aaron
  6. you would be talking about the shit weasel Aaron
  7. alas not even Tom can make the role stand out it's just a staple of the romantic comedy genre. Not his fault of course. I have to admit I barely remember the film. Aaron
  8. yeah he was a freakin' mad man in that movie! Aaron
  9. yeah *61 one is great and I am not even a Baseball fan. The film is one of Toms best performances and since I have never seen him give a bad one that is saying something Aaron
  10. the movie was so so but Tom and the rest of the cast were great. The movie follows the book fairly well until close to the middle then it goes off the rails fast and gives one hell of a stupid ending. Read the book it is damn good! Aaron
  11. loved Tom as the Punisher, it is the film that turned me into a Thomas Jane fan. After seeing how well he did as Frank I went and found every movie with him in it I could find. He is truly an amazing actor. I am not sure why he is not far more well known that some other ..how shall I politely say this....far less talented "superstar" Actors ...I am sure some that fit the bill will come to your mind. I can also say a long time Punisher fan I am very proud of Tom leaving the Punisher sequel since he didn't believe in the direction they were going with it. After having read a review of the newes
  12. I joined a few days ago. my yahoo name is chicagovader1 I have not posted any messages yet. Aaron
  13. Would love to see Gallows on screen! Good Luck Tim! Aaron
  14. wow! That snake eyes is great! Can't wait to see the Punisher you'll be doing. Do you sell copies of these? Aaron
  15. Great cover Tim! Good to know what goes on behind the scenes with your work. You would not have a list of all of the Criminal Macabre/ Cal McDonald books by any chance? The only one I have read so far is Two Red eyes but I enjoyed it a lot and would love to back track and read all of the stories I have missed. Aaron
  16. Thanks for the thorough answer Tim. I think Lexi will do a good job with what she has to work with. If you get a chance check out Green Street Hooligans, it's about British football gangs. She actually was able to make Elisha Wood look like he could fight. My main concern is the script and the sheer amount of sub plots and characters they are trying to work in. I have also heard that this is a restart of the Franchise and will have nothing to do with the 2004 film. Time will tell I guess. So is Garth Ennis leaving the Punisher? I have read that rumor several places now and if it is
  17. Jen I promise I will join the Yahoo group by this weekend. Oh and yeah The Punisher game came out in 2005 Aaron
  18. One question and I hope this is not a sensitive issue, what do you think about the Punisher War Zone film? I ask since you had involvement with the 2004 film. I myself am worried that the film is going to be fairly bad. I have nothing against Ray Stevenson and enjoyed him quite a bit on Rome but just do not see him as Frank. Thomas Jane nailed the part and I really can't see anyone doing a better job than he did with the role. Aaron
  19. Great info Tim, I had no idea the book ever got near the cancellation point. As a huge Punisher fan you have my utmost respect for sticking around and taking less money to keep the book going. I find it disturbing that Marvel reuses your work for shirts and trades etc and that you don't see anything for it. They were the same company that paid Todd McFarlane royalties on everything weren't they? Just seems like bullshit that they are not showing you the same respect when you have showed a lot more loyalty than Mr. McFarlane ( I have nothing against McFarlane BTW) Having been a Punisher fan
  20. I do believe I will have to have one of those Posters, thanks for the pic Jen. Aaron
  21. Thanks for the info! I never joined the Yahoo group Jen, sorry. I will look into it as soon as I have a chance. James thanks for the link to the show! Aaron
  22. sounds very interesting. I look forward to more news on it. Aaron
  23. I think I have seen at least 99% of Tom's films but have never been able to find Jonni Nitro was it released? The other film I have never been able to find is Eden any info on where one could find that one? Aaron
  24. Seems Tom is always working but his films take forever to come out. I will be seeing the Mist opening night for sure. It's one of my all time fav Stephen King short stories. Aaron
  25. Really looking forward to this one and have been for some time now. Aaron
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