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  1. Loved the KLTV 5 discussion. Oh I hate that I'm missing the con yet again. I've been eyeballing a move to San Diego for a couple of years now (I work for the Navy) but with the housing slump & job market it hasn't become a reality yet. Can't wait to read stories & see the details from those of you fortunate enough to attend this year. Have fun!



  2. I look at Carolla not realizing that Hung was off air as a sign that people ASSUME it's still on cause it was GREAT.

    It SHOULD still be on.

    I haven't heard a good excuse yet for why HBO balked and walked.


    - tb


    Agreed. I loved Hung & thought Season 3 was actually the best of the seasons, the series really hitting its stride. I was stunned they cancelled it. I'm very picky about TV since I don't have much time to watch, so HBO lost me as a subscriber after that move.


    Bring on LA Noir! :D



  3. Carolla & his staff snubbing Tim B. so they could waste time talking about the newest Kardashian? Not cool. But then again Carolla is obviously clueless, as he doesn't seem to realize season 3 of Hung aired last fall & now is no more (alas).


    Did enjoy hearing TJ talk about their savannah cat Jojo though.

  4. Ditto I was just thinking the same thing about the Magnificent Death teaser poster--saw TJ's tweet to that same article a while ago--looks awesome!


    I think my favorite part of the article though was the whole report on the Rusty Blades "discrepancy"--"f@#k Wikpedia" rofl. Never change TJ, you're a hoot.


    Sad I live so far away & can't make it to SDCC this weekend, looks like it will be a blast.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I love Quentin Tarantino movies, & I've become a fan of Christoph Waltz's. I'm not too happy about Leonardo being in it, though. I still wish someone else would've been cast for that part. But the other great cast members will make up for it.


    I think it must be Leo DiCaprio's aim to have worked with every major director in Hollywood. If you look at his filmography, he pretty much has. I don't totally dislike him, he was good in The Departed.


    Personally I think George Clooney is the most overrated thing in Hollywood. His films put me to sleep. . . .



  6. This news made my day. I had been hoping since I first learned that Darabont was doing this series (in early January of this year) that TJ would take part in it. Personally I think he's a natural to play Bugsy, particularly since Siegel was known to be quite the lady's man. ;) I'm very excited for this series, as I'm still pissed at AMC for their dirty stunt with The Walking Dead.


    Btw, I'm new here. I lurked for a while before joining, I prefer anonymity I suppose.



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