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  1. So, saw Tom posted a badass image of a skeleton in military regalia. "Devil's Commandos"?! Here's hoping!
  2. Any new developments. I backed the KS, but... Was hoping you guys would give it another go.
  3. Hey all, This just in, looking for some illustrations I can use in a pitch package to some investors for 6 different titles. Not sure if you guys have the ability to help, but need them by this coming friday. Here is what I need and can be stuff you guys already have lying around! Let me know if you can help and what you would be interested in: 1.) Need a female Iron Man type anime style suit of armor. 2.) Need some ragtag mercenaries. Think Colonial Marines meet Firefly. Some sort of sci fi western getups. 3.) Need a gun-weilding superhero style character with a black mask , al
  4. Damn Tim, I've been running a whole blog on this! Check out the sexiness of day 3. http://fredericdoss.blogspot.com/p/movie-day-for-365-days.html Fred
  5. Lately, Catherine Wheel, Five Finger Death Punch, Fort Minor, Mastodon, Cake, Disturbed, Chevelle, Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, Jay Z, Everlast and Six Bullet Roulette.
  6. Sorry to see the funding didn't go through. Keep us all posted on how to stay involved. You know I'm down for voice work!
  7. Looking forward to seeing the Boondock boys down here for TFW in Dallas end of the month!
  8. FADoss

    I JUST...

    Wow! Get well soon.
  9. It would definitely be bad ass. If they went with someone other than Jane, Bardem wouldn't disappoint.
  10. http://geektyrant.com/news/2011/3/2/brian-...indset-for.html Javier Bardem??? But what about Thomas Jane?
  11. Anything new on this? Would love a chance to work on something this badass.
  12. Just pulled this up on the netflix queue this evening. Had forgotten Jane was in it. Good flick.
  13. What a great cast man! Looking forward to seeing this one. If it's half as good as Dark Country, it will be a multiple view for me.
  14. You've got something incredibly special here Heath. Can't wait until this gets out there for the world to get a hold of.
  15. FADoss

    I JUST...

    Woke up from a pretty crappy dream. Haven't had that kind of vivid recollection of one in awhile. Someone was trying to get in my house to get at my wife, except for some odd reason we were in the house I grew up in...so I couldn't find the closet where my guns are. In the meantime, the front door just floats into the fucking living room. Most disturbing part is, my wife and I just put it back on and looked for screws to put the hinges back on. No one actually came in the house. You could just feel them out there, waiting. Good times...and done sleeping for the day.
  16. I'm just looking forward to seeing the flick!
  17. I think it would be cool to do both the films and the series with the same actor. For enough money, they can make that happen.
  18. FADoss

    I JUST...

    You guys both kick ass! Andy, I didn't realize you played in front of the camera?! VERY cool.
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