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  1. Thanks Jayesse8! That is so disappointing I was sure there would be a sequel (with TJ) and have been patiently waiting. Seriously, if TJ isn't the star, it just wont be the same... so I can't say I'll go see it. I will be so sad. If there is still a chance, I really hope they can work something out so TJ will like the script and star as the puisher again. I think it NEEDS to happen for TJ and all of us! The punisher IS one of my all time favorite movies ever! If not THE fav (along with hope floats... I know...totally different genre.) What can I say, I like many types of movies.
  2. sorry if I'm duping a q. Is there going to b a punisher 2? would Loooooove it! Only if tj is the star of course! Sorry to gush, but any movie with tj is THE BEST!
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    I Love anything with Thomas Jane in it! I love him sooooooo much! Yes... I don't even know him, but if only he was single and would give me a chance! Personally, I really enjoyed the Mist. It was very entertaining, which is the whole purpose of a movie. TJ really carries the movie (any movie) when he is in the leading role and you can't do better than that!
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