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  1. Hi all -- If you're interested there's a longer daily reel up at: http://www.strimoo.com/video/15596747/Give...lies-Vimeo.html It's a variation of the other "trailer" that's up at youtube, but it has more footage for you guys to check out. Keep in mind this is not a trailer -- it's a bunch of shots from the dailies cut together for the last AFM. Gregory Harrison plays Whitmore -- the heavy -- the crime lord who's losing his grip on the city. He's a businessman -- not a bruiser. He leaves the rough stuff to Boulder, Matchstick, and The Mauler. I saw a rough cut Monday, it was temp everything -- audio, vfx, no color correction yet. They've just started post-audio. IMDB is wrong -- The first screening is going to be at Cannes, the plan is to pick up a domestic distributor there, so the absolute earliest this film would be released, I would guess, is this fall. However, there are gumblings about a sequel already... Mark
  2. Count me in for the comic. Tom had some great ideas that we talked about briefly before the shoot -- If you couldn't tell from reading the script, I grew up on Batman and Dr. Strange. And I would love to be your date--! Going to the Darabont dinner would be awesome. Just don't tell my wife, or if you do, hook her up with someone too. Mark
  3. This is good -- we've got to get this thing a theatrical release -- The more buzz the better! I have a thinly veiled man-crush on Frank Darabont -- He's right up there with the Coen Bros as my favorite writer / director -- The fact that he liked the trailer for something I wrote... even watched the trailer... is very, very, very surreal to me........ BTW: Tim - Thanks for the cool "Malone" insignia by name. Makes me look like I had something to do with this thing...! Mark
  4. "In my mind, Hosack spits out the gag and goes tear-assing around town until he finds the bastards that tied him up to the merry-go-round, then, like a scene out of Monty Python And The The Holy Grail, he shouts obscenities at them and kicks at his attackers with venomous fury since his hands are still tied." That's actually the set up for the sequel...
  5. This is the AFM buzzreel, not an official trailer -- I've heard that so far it's been well received at the market. In 5 hours they'll have wrapped principal photography on the film! Then it's on to 6 months of post... "It really is one of those movies you wait around for hoping someone will make." That's the best compliment I've heard -- thanks! Just wait until there's dialogue... Mark
  6. None that I don't look like Gallagher or Steven Wright in...
  7. No, not on this one. I'm strictly writing, and praying to the film gods that I get my next directing project up and off the ground before I'm ninety. Mark
  8. Brandon, sir -- How are you? Not still shot up, I hope. Yeah, I miss the Penguin line too -- It was a very divisive line, people seemed to either love it or hate, so........ Mark
  9. It's the hair, not the accent. I'm Texan. Mark
  10. I learned an important lesson: Never tell the casting director, "Hey, if you've got a cameo..." if you don't really mean it. Though I did get to be in a scene with Tom. Tim -- I'm thrilled you're on board to do the posters -- I can't wait to check them out. Tom said the poster shoot went well. Hopefully I'll get back up there next week, we'll see how it goes. But its a bummer we weren't all up there together! Mark
  11. Payback was great... ! All the way to the ending, which was a little flat. Hopefully this one hits you in the gut a little harder. There's more dark comedy in Malone than Payback, though the latter was definitely an influence. Mark
  12. No secretary. Malone isn't the sort to take meetings in an office, though he does have a lady who patches him up. Mark
  13. There's a couple of women in Malone's life -- Not sure that "Girlfriend"'s a good label for any of them, though. There's Evelyn -- She's all woman -- not "girl." And there isn't much in the way of "friend" about her either. Mark
  14. Hey Tim -- looking forward to meeting you, and to those malone posters! Thanks for the welcome everyone, looking forward to conversations on all things Raw. Mark
  15. Hi all -- Mark Hosack here, writer of Malone. It's great to meet everyone on the forum, and it's always encouraging to see positive feedback from these first few images rolling in, so thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. It means a lot. Tim, I'm a big fan of your work and I really hope you get up here. Thomas -- You are Malone. So a little history on the project, "Give 'em Hell, Malone" is a project I came up with when I first moved to LA six years ago. At the time I was an independent filmmaker -- I made small quirky dramas no one wanted, and I was told by every Ma and Pa in Hollywood to write an action film. I said: "Okay." The first scene that came out was of a guy at the end of a hallway, black and blue and bloody as hell, pistol up, pumping hot lead into a hallway of well-dressed Thugs, and an ominous voice-over grunting through the following opening line: "Getting shot isn't easy. The bullets tend to hurt." I named this bloody anti-hero "Malone," and as the sun was coming up, and I was trying to go to sleep, the title "Give 'em Hell, Malone!" popped into my brain, and that was that. Well, not really, I had to write the thing (it's always hard to "write the thing" no matter how many you've written) and after I finished it, another 4 1/2 years of Hollywood grind passed, I was told my Action film was too stylized, too bloody, and too "indie" to get made. Even though it has its fair share of bullets and blood, it's really a character piece, and too few Hollywood action films really care about their characters. Put the style-ized noir angle in, and I ended up with, as they say, "A lot of great lunches," but the studios didn't buy it as a spec. But, a year or two later, one of the guys who read it got back in touch, said he had left his company, he loved the script, and he knew the perfect actor for the role. Thomas Jane. I think I said something like: "Hell, hurry-up-and-get-it-to-him, yes." Thomas read it, really liked it, and not too long after that, independent financing fell in place with Hannibal Entertainment, and we were able to really start dialing the script in. We spent last August and September slavishly rewriting and we came up with a new third act that's much stronger. I guess we really didn't finish the rewrite until two days ago, a week and a half into production, Thomas and I spent the first week on set flogging this script between takes and after the shoot -- we're still doing daily dialogue tweaks. It's true: A writer doesn't write, a writer rewrites. But watching this script come alive really is exceeding any and all expectations -- it's one thing to write "Malone shoots out the tires of a pink flower van. It smashes into a parked car and flips in a mess of oil and ripped steel," and to actually WATCH Malone shoot out the tires of a pink flower van. To WATCH that van smash into a parked car and flip over in a mess of oil and ripped steel. Stunt men are nuts. Most impressive, though, is the acting. Malone really is a character film, and Thomas really does own this guy, from his tweed brown suit and felt hat (complete with a "near miss" bullet hole Thomas shot himself) to the cadence of his noir-speak. The rest of the cast are really knocking it out of the park too -- so we don't have Die Hard's budget -- but because it's a character piece, because of the actors already on board, we've got all of these great actors wanting to do it, regardless of money and the skimpy craft service. So, prepare yourself for what's shaping up to be a highly stylized character noir film. It's Bogart with blood. A lot of blood. Mark
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