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  1. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUNSHINE!!! I'm super late for most folks, but right on time for you!!! Best wishes!!!
  2. Oh boy. This was a tough one. Robin Williams's Mork from Ork is the entire foundation for my sense of humor. Growing up with his work, I was never surprised by the intelligence, emotional resonance, and energy of his performances, both dramatic and comedic. Just because you are smart, and funny, and fast, does not mean that you cannot be sad or be sensitive. It seems more the sad clowns (il pagliacco) that make us laugh. He was also never cruel to others with his humor, a mistake that is often made when ordinary blokes think that they are being sooo funny and are typically sooo not, at the expense of other people. To the kindest comic genius and most generous performer, RIP Mr. Robin Williams. You will be sorely missed.
  3. Yes, yes, yes! It appears that Max will have that sort of covert, late introduction in the film a la Man of Steel. I like the tone (color & theme) very much. I recently saw Mel's II and III again and was transported by my nostalgia of the first time I watched them. How do I say? I just love me some bad a$$ stunt driving and some early Mel Gibson to boot. But I look forward to Tom Hardy's spin ... now that you mention it though, I enjoyed The Bourne Legacy very much only because of Jeremy Renner (I haven't seen any other Bournes, and of course I've seen The Hurt Locker) and think that would have been interesting casting for Max as well. Hmmm.
  4. Thanks for the trailer! That was pretty intense - cannot see film alone!
  5. Oh yes! I would like to see Gotham. I like origin stories. And I look forward to the return of Sleepy Hollow, although I lost a bit at the end of the last season.
  6. Oh geez, I'm waaay belated, but cheers Noeland!!! All the best!
  7. jayesse8

    I JUST...

    Sinn! I am sorry to hear about your sweet cat, RIP, and your health scare! Yikes! It is shocking but seems not uncommon that we can walk around feeling okay and unbothered, then suddenly it's "oh we have big problem here!" Glad it was caught and corrected in time. Feel better soon!
  8. Sounds cool Sinn, thanks for the update! Mel was in Machete Kills too, so he's working that "seasoned" tough guy thing - been a fan for 30+ years so I'm glad to see him work his chops.
  9. Thanks Mike for sharing and keeping us in the loop!
  10. OH! Happy, Happy Birthday, Joyce!!! Have a wonderful day and a great, joyous weekend!!! :wub:
  11. I watched the season finale of Grimm last Friday....And I gotta say....What? Agreed! I was like, Whaaat? I do like the new Grimm though - she's cool and obvious necessary if Nick is having an Adalinde-induced problem. The sunglasses - Monroe explained to Nick and the new Grimm how wesen always know they are Grimms. When wesen volge (sp?) / change, the Grimms' eyes turn into deep, black pools of death and the wesen see their own reflection. Hence, the solution was to wear sunglasses at the wedding with all the wesens guests. But since Nick forgot his sunglasses after getting it on! with Juli-linde, he borrowed Monroe's Dad prescription bi-focals and the fuzzy hilarity ensued! I liked the episode and that C. Thomas Howell has been in a little arch there. Cannot believe what happened to Capt. and Wu isthisclose to knowing it's all real! So I love that too! Hank is becoming my favorite though because that man is just solid! I would definitely want him around to help handle just about anything. He's always providing the practical clever solutions as to explanations etc. for those not in the know. Good cop, good dude.
  12. Christ! Good to know Tim and Casa Bradstreet are okay!!! Hope the San Diego-ans are on the mend ...
  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Geoff!!! It's still May so I made my wishes for you under the wire, whew!
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