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    That actually only happened once--the scene where he actually takes the pic of his unit to advertise. Thomas was filming another scene, so they asked me to do it.
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    Too funny...too bad i didn't rate a percentage, being "Stunt Cock" and all, heh heh
  3. That was one of the most horrifying "reviews" i have ever read--complete right-wing drivel, seeming to come from the same minds that spewed forth the war in the first place. Inexcusable...thank you for posting it. It's always a good idea to read what the other side is up to. i hope people will get and stay informed.
  4. Thank you sir, you are far too kind. i only did what i felt was right, and i feel Murphy and i developed a cool dialogue because of our interaction. i would like to consider him a friend now. And i should admit, this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me, outside of my wife. It sincerely means a lot--thank you. And i also would like to extend a big thank you to Murphy for being such a gent, and having some patience with me.
  5. And if you get into Thorogood (as everyone in their right mind should), you should definitely check out John Lee Hooker. A lot of the same tracks (like One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer--killer stuff), but old-school blues, fuckin classic.
  6. Congratulations on the move!
  7. Same thing for me, pal. You toughed it out longer than i did, though, before i had to stop reading--i wanna be surprised, ya know?
  8. Sinatra is the man! Still can't believe whiskey and cigarettes helped create that voice...
  9. Just read your list, you have shamed me with my ignorance, sir.
  10. Oh please, for the love of all that is holy (heh heh), do NOT let them remake this. This movie is quiet and dark and brooding--i do not need to see it all bright and shiny so the masses can wrap their little heads around it.
  11. Parker


    Thank you sir! Still ranks as the greatest shoot of my career; and Alexander runs the greatest set, without question. i would love to work with him again in any capacity.
  12. i really end up liking both of them too (amazing how easy it has been for me to forget each of their "music" careers, that means these guys have acting chops). And am i the only one who liked Rock Star?!
  13. No! i don't want to know! That's it, i'm picking up the book today--an ending in the memory warehouse, that i just have to read.
  14. She was Thomas' bride-to-be, until the ceremony of course. She was also Party Girl, and was in Blade: Trinity, the debacle that was Superman Returns, and A Mighty Wind, and a lot of other stuff. Check her out on IMDb, she's cool.
  15. Tom was at Screamfest last year, and unfortunately i didn't get the chance to meet him--i was helping out at another booth and ran out of time. A good friend of mine did though, check out 'Jimmy Star is The Shit!' on youtube, it's fucking hilarious.
  16. i bet she is fun, i do like her sense of humor. i miss the curves she had in The Mask though; i didn't see her again until My Best Friend's Wedding, and her character annoyed the living piss out of me--'I can be Jell-o!' i guess that's not her fault, but i'd like to see her put some weight back on.
  17. Donnie Wahlberg did kick ass, but i was disappointed they went all CGI for the final battle. Was kinda disappointed with the original ending too, though. i have got to get the book, see if maybe they could have handled it better, with more Duddits.
  18. Is there a DVD with Special Features? That would rule.
  19. Have to admit (and i know i'm showing my age with this one), the last song i listened to was Bonnie Tyler, 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. Heard it on the radio a couple of months ago, there's a line that brought me to tears: "Once upon a time there was light in my life, now there's only love in the dark..." Since then i added it to my Project Playlist set, listened to it again last night with the same effect. i've always loved the Jim Steinman/Meat Loaf stuff, and this one had the same feel.
  20. Have to agree, Taxi Driver is one of the greatest movies ever. Got the 2-disc collector's ed at Walmart for $6! It's such a shame that the mainstream audiences (sheep) don't appreciate it more. Makes me sad, but at least there are those of us that can appreciate and respect quality work.
  21. i really feel people need to make their own decisions about what works for them, not follow along like sheep. Some people need meds, some need counseling, some just need to vent sometimes (and some of us like to drink). It is really all up to the individual, and as long as no one is getting hurt...
  22. Ahh, caffeine--one of my favorite drugs. Of course, i also tend to self-medicate with other things, but mine comes in tall glass bottles...
  23. No need to apologize for venting, i do it myself--sometimes unexpectedly (as in, it's even a surprise to me sometimes when it happens, violent mood swings and all). i am sorry you're having a bad week, but i really would have loved to sit in on that panel discussion. By 'the media', do you mean journalistic media, or entertainment, or both? Just wondering, because i've always been kinda fascinated by the portrayal of depression and mental illness in entertainment.
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