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  1. Hi Tom.I don't know if anybody ask you this yet,but have you saw the rough cut of Give Em'Hell Malone yet?If so what you think about it so far?And if the movie is a success, would you like to make a sequel?BTW,I saw the teaser and it looks great:) It has a throwback 70's action,crime,film noir ,feel to it.Which is very sweet:)
  2. Thank God for that,I hope it stay an rated R:)
  3. Cool:)My dog and I was born on the same month,same date(I was born 10/20/84 and she was born 10/20/95) . I know that Give'em Hell is going to be great!I been waiting to see you in a gritty crime action,after I saw you in the Punisher:) I wish you the best of luck on the film and I will make sure to keep my fingers cross.For the movie to be hit at BoxOffice and we can get some sequels:)What's my favorite film?(damn you are not kidding,it is a hard question)I would have to say Enter The Dragon, The fist full of Dollars trilogy,Once apon a time in the west,Once apon a time in America,Papillon(my
  4. The lead bad guy,just about done with this one:)
  5. The second lead hero,I'm also still working with him.I'm almost done though:)
  6. The Lead character of my hero's.He started out as a model,I made when I was a kid.Not done with him just yet,I'm going to add more to him.
  7. I'm still working on this character.He's one of my lead hero's,I basically took Jackie Chan and Jet Li.Then combined their faces:)
  8. Mr. Jane,who were your childhood hero,when you was growing up?Now that you are not playing the Punisher no more,do you ever think about writing your own gritty/crime/action movie?And what is your favorite movie of all time?
  9. I love the The Mist.Great writing,great directing and great acting)Tom really shines in this movie(thumbs way up)
  10. A cool Villian I made when I was 18:)
  11. Originally this character was going to be a good guy,but I might make him a bad guy(don't know yet).
  12. When I was 17,I was developing a toys with invent-tech.Long story short,invent-tech are good people but they kept asking for money.So decided take my characters and go solo.
  13. I like this character,I don't know to make him a Hero or a Villian though.
  14. This is one of my 108 characters I'm working on.All of them is done,the only thing I have to do is add some color to them.
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