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  1. You don't need to explain how exited you are, at least not to me! For years, I've been wanting to see him undertake Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness. Never thought I'd see the day, yet here it is. Finally, after long last. Del Toro, Cameron and Lovecraft in one sentence. This is going to be incredible.
  2. I saw that movie a few months back - it is pretty awesome, but this is one movie where expectation is everything. Go in expecting something Werner Herzog could have made, and you'll LOVE it. Go in expecting something in the vein of Apocalypto...and one might end up a tad disappointed.
  3. I saw it a week ago...it still gives me creeps. Can't wait for the sequel! That doctor is possibly the scariest, creepiest, most deranged mofo I've ever seen on film...
  4. Great news, it's just do depressing the great Frazetta did not get to see this. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/45169 The highlighs:
  5. It is so sad he didn't live to see this, but it seems Robert Rodriguez might deliver a tribute in the form of a most welcome movie: A live action "Fire and Ice".
  6. Those rumors are hard to find because they only appeared where hardcore Dredd fans fare, and they are also very hearsay in nature and should as such be taken with a massive grain of salt. I'd rather not say too much for fear of spreading rumors that may not have any credibility to them (but I sure hope they do, cause he'd be awesome in the role). But if you read between the lines of my above posts...
  7. Aw, you remember me! You'll be glad to know the poster Jeri had you sign for me at comic con is proudly on my wall, where it forever shall remain! I left all boards where Punisher discussion might come up a week or so prior to the opening of PWZ - as I myself wouldn't see it for a long, long time yet, not being located in the US. But few things will make me come back here as much as a kickass poster promoting another character I love every bit as much! Fingers crossed the vague casting rumors I've heard for JD are true, so that for the next poster you'll be using a more familiar
  8. Digg the new Judge Dredd poster!!! Especially as Dredd is one of two comics (the other being Conan) I possibly enjoy even more than The Punisher, it is really cool to finally see some class Dredd poster art! Q: Does your contractor want any more images in the future? For instance one with a certain actor which vague rumours would have it might be attached behind the helmet for the upcoming movie?
  9. That's great news, congrats Tim! Also, being a huge REH fan, I cannot wait to see the finished result. I like REH almost as much as I do Barker and Clarke. Incidentally, Malmberg and Sederowsky of Paradox are in the process of bringing several charathers to the big screen, I think the first one out will be "Solomon Kane", starring Jane's doppelganger from Rome...
  10. Nomad was kind enough to get one of these babies for me when she met Street at this years comic-con. I got it late last week, but due to work and travel the past few days, I didn't get to open it till today. It is stunning, fantastic quality and clear vibrant colours. I love it. It'll look great on my wall. After work today, I'm going to look for a suitable frame, and have a custom passepartout (sp?) made for it. It's going to look fantastic on my wall. Maybe I'll post a pic when it's ready. Truly marks the end of an era, the best Punisher era period. The new run looks promosing, bu
  11. Holy crap... Clive Barker and Tim Bradstreet? I had no idea such a collaboration even existed until I happened to browse this thread! I think I'll have to place and order with my retailer come Monday, I can't wait to read this!
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