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  1. What can you tell us about the Judge Dredd poster on BleedingCool.com...? This is a Judge Dredd image by Tim Bradstreet that’s reportedly circulating Cannes as part of the current movie being pitched around the place. Could this be a mock up for a future movie poster? Is this true, Tim..? Lin
  2. Tim- did you get the Bushi Tales soundtrack I sent? It's probably a bit more techno than you might like, but the first time I heard the main theme I got goosebumps! Especially when I heard the sword clashes. Joel nailed the feeling we wanted with it, and I like the different influences on the rest. It's always fun to put on while I'm coloring pages. Hope you dig it. Lin
  3. Damn you Tim and Tom! How can I pass this up..?! No pressure...no pressure...
  4. And if you want proof- C'mon- how many people can make goggles look that cool..?! Lin
  5. "In a nutshell, it's Combat! meets The Twilight Zone. And that's about as much information as we can divulge at this stage. Please stand by, all will be revealed in good time." You had me at "The Twilight Zone". Looking forward to this one, too. Man, one pic and big project after the other- do you guys ever get any rest?! Lin
  6. Something to look forward to...
  7. Well- I'm no longer a Mud Whistle, too! That's right- I'm a DeathSpider Embryo, yo'! Wait, what's that taste in my mouth..?!
  8. Wow- that turned out really sweet, or wicked- well, you know what I mean. Great job. Here are a couple I did on the plane to SDCC last week for my friend Tess' nephew Dominic. He's a big Indy and Short-Round fan. By the look on his face he's not a big fan of my art though... Oh, and I got one of my cartoons in the SDCC souvenir book- Lin
  9. So I just finished riding out an earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter Scale and it got me to thinking - what if mutants with sharply bladed bone-arms came swarming out of the ground and tried to cut my god damn head off? Well lucky for me, I had just seen The Mutant Chronicles and I knew the answer - find Thomas Jane and let him kick the shit out of them. Hell yeah. That's what I'd do!
  10. Listening to that CD right now. I love it and "A Kind Of Magic" because if you've seen those movies as many times as I have you can watch them in your head as the music plays- especially the Flash one. I really hated when my studio partner moved to Arizona because he had all the kick ass soundtracks and scores! It wasn't the only reason I hated his move (this was back just before high-speed internet was common), but I'll think about putting in a CD while I'm working and remember I don't own it- he did! I'm a big John Williams fan, but also dig Henry Mancini and a lot of Elfman's stuf
  11. A friend of mine had an Air-Zooka at AdventureCon and Adam Baldwin borrowed it to shoot Corey Feldman in the head! Too funny! Met Tom at Wonderfest. Nice guy. Saw some of his haunted house props at Hauntcon- too slick. Always think of him when I see a copy of Creepshow.
  12. Tim- that's cool! Thanks. I'll be by for sure. I told my friend Micah that you and Tom were going to be at the con again this year. She said, "Great- maybe this time I'll get to meet Tom!" Last year she was getting the car when her husband and I saw you and Tom out front on Sunday when you were leaving, and she and Dave were several feet ahead of us and kept walking when Dave's little brother and I ran into Tom around the same spot the year before. I'll be sure to pass the booth number on to her. Thanks again- see you in a few! Lin
  13. Enjoying the podcasts, gents. The interviews are great, and I like the relaxed conversational quality of them. Keep it up. Lin
  14. I'll be happy to see it at the convention (if I can get in- got fingers crossed), but will be even happier to see it in a theater here back home. Lin
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