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  1. Not to sound like an ass-kisser...but I was one of the first to come out and say I loved that tagline...Didnt know u came up with it...props to u!
  2. Who wins in a fight..Frank Castle or Malone?
  3. David Drayton was kool, but Ollie Weeks was the true badass in this movie!
  4. lol to tell you the truth I felt bad for him too...He was going nuts, his boys weren't backing him up so he had to deal with scary ass Alfred Molina all by himself.
  5. "In the master bedroom, under the bed in a floor safe...Understand?"...As soon as Todd said those lines I knew all hell would break loose.
  6. Yea he didnt get the amount of time to work out and train for WarZone that Jane did for 'The Punisher'...Makes me think more and more that WarZone is a "quick buck" type of movie.
  7. Ray Stevenson is heavier but a lot of that is because of his beer gut...Good thing it looks like they covered all that up pretty well because he sure isnt a muscular cat but he's huge nonetheless.
  8. Well shit...after seeing that pic, to say he's aged a lot would be an understatement! The whole left side of his head is balding!
  9. haha I love that...Malone's a playboy...When it comes to women, why have one when you can have a ton?
  10. They'd better get a big gun to blow that dude's head off though!
  11. "Character Piece" thats all I had to hear...If a character is memorable and likeable to me in a movie, it makes that movie so much more enjoyable...Cant wait to see Malone beat some ass.
  12. If she's got the talent why not showcase it? This could lead to a lot of good things for her in her career.
  13. I wouldnt read a book review if some of the chapters are missing in the book...I wouldnt read a video game review if the graphics or gameplay aren't finished...Just like I wouldn't read a movie review if the visual effects and editing arent finished...Why? Because those things can make all the difference in the world to me.
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