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  1. Hi guys, thanks for the support. Yes GAUNTLET is one of those projects that can't be diluted by the Hollywood system. It's do or die time and I need your support. Thanking you in advance. warmest regards Andrew
  2. vectortv


    Hung went to the High Court in New Zealand. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article....jectid=10721254 Can someone please start a collection to get me out of this country.
  3. Nero is a funny guy. I was talking to him a couple of years back about being involved in HIRED GUNS. Donati asked him what he thought of the script - his response: - the script is good, but I prefer a script where only I am the hero. As to Tarantino and his tribute to Leone, not going to form an opinion there. Got my own things cooking...
  4. Man, what I would do to get on that writing team.
  5. Like the idea of Taken, but run it into a tv series 24 meets Sopranos. Now that's something I could sink my teeth into.
  6. vectortv


    Starting here tonight in New Zealand in approx 15 minutes.
  7. Lucky I didn't ask you to find a copy for me - haha. I was gonna say to you last night that you should take a video camera with you and record a Youtube monologue of picking up the DVD, but you've painted such a vivid picture it's not necessary. Andrew
  8. Yeah it was lifted from Mad Max. regards Andrew
  9. Latest news from Tom: "If you can, please watch Extreme Makeover Home this Sunday night, the 18th, on ABC, at 8:pm EST, for a special episode where Tom Savini makes an autistic boy's dream come true"
  10. You need a PA to manage all this web activity my friend. haha Andrew
  11. Sunshine must be doing the rounds. Finally caught it in full tonight. Have seen parts in channel surfing but got it in it's total. Cliff Curtis as always was brilliant - Cillian Murphy was outstanding and yes even Chris Evans had his moments. Directorial style became a bit lost and wayward - helluva lot of Kubrick influence which tends to go stale half way through - especially the whole arguing with the ships computer. The one thing you can always say though is that Danny Boyle pushes the envelope. Andrew
  12. It is true that the advent of the internet does reduce the location residency issue for viewing content as long as it makes itself available. One of the biggest problems used to be the delivery windows between countries. For example in New Zealand we would often have to wait for up to six months after US release before a film was released here. Even now I can use 3:10 to Yuma as an example. It wasn't theatrically released here till March of this year, so instead I purchased the DVD off Amazon early January. Used creatively digital technology offers limitless possibilities in creating l
  13. The big thing I'm talking about is sustainability. Finding the correct threshold that empowers you to be self sufficent in creating your content. While you can argue that a true artist does it for the passion the reality is that everyone needs to eat, and feed and cloth themselves. The indie approach to distribution has as you've commented been done for decades. People travelling from town to town with their film reels - booking out University halls etc. Distribution is an essential arm to getting your story out there. It is also important in the way that finances your project. I
  14. The problem is the notion of the $2.50 film and this harks back to Coppola's ascertion to the transition of indie cinema is that while digital technology empowers to visually tell narrative 99 out of 100 times the story doesn't support the creative notion. All to often there are cases of people going out shooting stuff but not getting the material script and narrative just right. There needs to be a supportive editorial process in script development. If the screenplay is right and working you can shoot the damn thing as Hitchcock did with Rope. Not a lot of people know that Reservoi
  15. Can You Dig It. Love the old PWEI material. Clint used some of the Two Fingers, My Friends elements on his score for Knockaround Guys. Very cool. regards Andrew
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