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  1. Hey guys and gals!!! Gunplanet inquired about my DARION comic book story, so I'm sharing for those who don't know as well. DARION is a sci-fi adventure. It's about my superhero, but not like the normal ones in tights who wanna serve justice and fight crime every night. It's in a way, like a movie in comic book form, my little dream project. I had never done anything like it before and I am not in the comic book business, so Darion is the result of my own perseverance and love for movies and comics. I hope you check it out and give me your crude and honest opinion, but more than anyt
  2. I'm from San Juan and got to see some of the shootings as I went to Old San Juan to have some nigh-life fun as I do sometimes. But, I haven't seen the movie. Gonna rent it soon and give you my opinion of it. This year I did not attend the San Sebastian Festival, was down with the flu.
  3. Hehehehehe... So do we all Katt! Feed on positiveness always and do pass it on!
  4. Thanks for sharing that with is AllyKat! Great work! Tiara, you're absloutely right. Kid Rock ressemblance is right on!
  5. Hey! Glad to be here. Welcome to my world too! Thanks a lot for voicing out. First of all, and for the record since I get this all the time and it is a misunderstanding, I am not the artist. I don't draw at all or paint. I read a comic book once, enjoyed it and started reading more and more as hobby. I live in NY a while in my teens, then moved back home, joined the ARMY, returned home and found that there were no local superheroes at that time. So, being a fan of Jim Lee's pencils, I wanted to do my own more or less like that "Top Cow", Jim Leesque style. I set out to it in 1992 a
  6. Hi Mr Bradstreet... ...and everyone else who stumble upon these words. I've posted this in other threads along this forum, but, not many have actually come across them, so, I'm sharing it here, just for an honest opinion and let you know what I'm attempting and dreaming for. I am the creator and writer of my own comic, DARION. I'm hoping that I can translate the storyline into a screenplay and make it into a film. I don't know if that will ever be, but, as creator, I did it for the love of comics and I'm here primarily to share it. A story is created and it lives if people
  7. Welcome Peter! Good luck with all your projects!
  8. Hiya Raff, Thanks again for sharing. I've been learning how to use and navigate the forums. I posted some art on the show your stuff section yesterday. Check it out and let me know what you think. Of course as well, share about anything else. Have a great weekend.
  9. Images from my DARION comic book, issue 01. I am NOT the artist. I created it and wrote it. Just in case.
  10. Good morning to ya Raffi! Thanks for the welcome and kind words. Truly appreciated. Hope all is well and continues to be. A.R.
  11. Good morning! Thank you so much for the welcome here and the visit to my myspace page. Glad you enjoyed the visit. Means a lot to me and I say that with utmost sincerity and respect. Absolutely appreciated. How are things your way? How do you feel today? Hope all is well and continues to be so. You've a friend here anytime. Infinte blessings! Respectfully, Antonio
  12. Hola everyone! I'm here today on my very first visit sharing with all of you. My name's Antonio Rivera and I am the creator and writer (not artist at all) of my very own and self published indie comic titled DARION. I love comics film and animation, so I will be taking time to learn about all that I've found in here and let you know what I feel about all these projects and share the fun. I'm not affiliated in with the comic book or film industries whatsoever. I'm here as a fan of those mediums and curious about what RAW is creating and producing for all of us to enjoy
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