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  1. yes i did. the expanse producers and the costume dept gave me that hat on my last day. got it around here somewhere....
  2. love Buk. also check out John Fante. Miller of course.
  3. have a blast! where's the party? i'll tell ya right now tho, i spend so much time away that i don't like to travel unless it's for love or money. much rather be at home with my favorite things... wish him a great time from me.
  4. are you kidding that would be amazing! all right people, i better hit the road! this was super cool. thanks for all the questions! we'll have some more info coming in next month. looks like i'm going to Kentucky to do a film about the end of the world - on a houseboat. more later! xxx
  5. when we put Lycan out, i should go do a signing at a cool swedish comic shop!
  6. lol. it's always 5 o'clock somewhere!
  7. big thanks to Geoff for helping me with that stuff and big thanks to the folks who contacted me to let me know. we're still getting 'verified' or something like that. turns out there are a few people out there that like to impersonate me. one day i'll tell you about the time the FBI came to my door and asked me to prove that i was me.
  8. no but dying to. i've got a couple books on Giger, love that guy
  9. send a message from the Raw website and I will get it.
  10. that would be cool. we'll all have canes and walkers and shit
  11. i've only got a few more mins here folks, i've got a friend with a birthday coming up and i've got to get to a special store before they close! but if i get any more good questions i will check them out later and answer them! this has been super fun. Geoff: let's set up another one in a couple months!
  12. yes i have. interesting stuff.
  13. hiya! thanks for stoppin by
  14. can't wait to check em out!
  15. thanks! that was improvised on the day as i remember it. we hade little green sawhorses to sit on. julie was pretty uncomfortable. good kisser tho
  16. depends on what you mean by doing battle but yes, those are words to live by!
  17. many many thanks and that means a lot!
  18. whoa thanks! there is a directors cut i did a few years ago. contact me, send me a SASE and i will send to you. as for music, that's tough. Eric Lewis is a brilliant dude tho
  19. i grew up D.C. punk rock, minor threat, rites of spring, fugazi. loved Siouxie, Gen x, peter murphy, etc. now my daughter has me on tame impala. fuuuck
  20. did i say that? i like the Predator, love Shane Black. i think we all know the film could've hit a harder note, but what the hell. put it this way: in my version, everyone would have died.
  21. haha organ humor, love it! i work with a dialect coach i love, she lives 2 min from me and is one of the best. that's it really. i just like playing with my organs.
  22. deep blue is having an anniversary screening at the Chinese Theater on May 28. i'll be doing the Q&A afterwards. tough film, all thst freaking water! got a rash on my face i still have to bub the old cortisone on from time to time. little present from the soundstage in Rosarito. Mist was a blast. ate lots of crawfish
  23. thank you! yes i do. there's def a lot of me in there.
  24. why thank ya darlin'! no tats. old acting coach said, "wear your colors on the inside."
  25. if you can hunt down the old FAUST books by Rebel Studios, theey will rock your world
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