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  1. The War Zone comic is great, but the detective subplot with what's-her-face feels extremely forced and pointless.
  2. I just read War Journal #26 today and it was pretty bad. "I only kill the guilty not the stupid." Yes, Frank, let the guy in the Stilt-man suit walk around through all of NYC and possibly kill someone, what a genius idea.
  3. Reposting this from the War Zone thread: I decided to check the preview for The Punisher MAX's issue #64 today. If this is too out of topic then I apologize. Am I the only one who hasn't bothered reading this since Ennis left? I read issue #61 and some of the previews that came after that, but the IGN review of #64 said it best "The book's true sense of maturity - emotional maturity, not situational - departed along with Garth Ennis." I can't help but feel that I'm reading some sort of comic book aimed at 13 year olds who love violence. Ennis wrote about things that happen in re
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