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  1. Is RAW Studios planning anything cool for Long Beach Comic Con 2011?
  2. It was very easy to move around in the main floor with the booths so not too crowded. Maybe around...1000 people?
  3. Yeah I went to there last night. Managed to get a copy of Bad Planet and Punisher DVD signed by Thomas Jane. The Dark Country commentary was awesome. Lots of laughs. They also recorded it so if Dark Country ever gets the Blu-Ray treatment, it might make an appearance in there.
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    I bought Season 1 of Hung on DVD a couple days ago and finished it in about 6 hours. It was just too addicting and I couldn't stop watching. Great show. I really like Thomas Jane's portrayal of Ray Drecker. He's very likable and you can sense that he's doing everything that he can to support himself and the kids. Unfortunately I don't have cable television so I'll wait until Season 2 is released on DVD.
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