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25 August 2013 - 11:44 AM

I still haven't seen Man of Steel, so I don't have any kind of real benchmark for how Snyder handled this world. But I suspect, well I HOPE we're going to get something close to his take on Rorschach with Batman. I would be happy with that, regardless of who is playing him. Well . . .


James, buddy, I can't even tell you how happy I am that Gosling is not Batman. I'm just not a fan of his in any way shape or form. I know I'm kind of solo on that around here, but it's how I feel. I think Gosling is too young to play the Batman they talked about anyway.


Affleck, I'm just indifferent enough to be interested to see where it goes. I'm not a fan of his, but I do like The Town, and Argo. But it's just impossible not to have a clear and stinging mental picture of the crushing awkwardness that was his portrayal of Daredevil when you imagine him as Batman. The characters are so close in so many ways. So I get it. I get the petitions, I understand why people are dropping to their knees and crying out to the heavens. I also think it's kind of funny.


In the meantime, I recently watched Batman Year One on netflix and I just fell in love with it. So, if you need a fix that will not disappoint, check this out. It's a nearly word for word adaptation of the comic too, which I can't get enough of.





Also, I mentioned this on FB. You guys remember those Ben Affleck is directing Justice League rumors? I kind of scoffed at those rumors, and he denied them if memory serves. Was that just a misunderstanding? Or could it be true?

Noeland, I know that I was probably alone with the GOSLING opinion. But, all I can say to justify is it is that I have just been a fan of his since MURDER BY NUMBERS. I grew up loving BATMAN, and honestly I just always wanted to see GOSLING play a YEAR ONE/FRANK MILLER inspired BATMAN. And I know that it is a stretch, or a lonely opinion, but it was certainly worth the shout out ;)


Anyway, GOSLING wouldn't be the one I'd want for this though. As you said, age is an issue.


With AFFLECK I just see him actually being like what he did with HOLLYWOODLAND in both playing the actor who portrayed SUPERMAN and also actually portraying SUPERMAN. That film wasn't widely received or even seen. I really liked it though. He had a lot to work with and he really showed what he could do with playing multilayer characters. It was like his real life alias, and the story that went with it was very intriguing. Reminded me of a better THE BLACK DAHLIA. It is certainly worth a watch.


Also, the animated YEAR ONE was amazing. And THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS with PETER WELLER voicing BATMAN was sensational in both style and quality adaptation.


I just see AFFLECK as being that BATMAN that you saw from childhood. The animated series, and the various action figures. He seems like that type of hero that will be borderline with everything. But, then again I am a huge fan of THE TOWN.


So, it might just be me.


Either way, I love talking about it. People have been arguing with me all day at work about it. These are also the people who have liked some really horrible films as well. :blink:



In Topic: BATMAN 3

24 August 2013 - 04:50 PM

One thing that no one has even thought of is that this isn't a BATMAN film and this isn't a SUPERMAN film. It is a counterbalance.


An equilibrium with both characters carrying their weight, hand and hand. One mustn't outshine the other. They must collide as FRANK MILLER wrote them.


But, the route that is being done with THE AVENGERS sequel and the new X-MEN film (where two different actors portray the same character of QUICKSILVER) could also mean that BEN AFFLECK'S BATMAN could be one incarnation at the same time of another BATMAN flick or DC produced film that stars another actor as THE DARK KNIGHT.


I really wouldn't be surprised because, honestly, it would work and people would accept it. I see AFFLECK'S BATMAN as possibly just being in this set SUPERMAN "MAN OF STEEL" universe which ZACK SNYDER as so gratuitously set up.R


RYAN GOSLING was the original choice, and was picked early on. But, he did not accept due to the fact that apparently he does not like the possibility of sequels. And I could buy GOSLING as BATMAN. He's who I wanted, with all due respect. I think he could pull off so many layers of THE CAPED CRUSADER that honestly hasn't even been tapped yet.


There are so many stories of BATMAN that the possibilities are more than endless.


That being said, in this universe I can also accept the AFFLECK incarnation as well.



In Topic: BATMAN 3

23 August 2013 - 06:24 PM

Simple. Not the same universe.


Now, I've never been a big BEN fan, but I will say that what he did with THE TOWN and ARGO are beyond great examples of what he can do both on and off camera. ZACK SNYDER'S MAN OF STEEL has nowhere near the same probability or accountability that THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY has. They are two completely different breeds.


With that said, you must have someone who is of the same mold has HENRY CAVILL'S Superman, seeing how in this universe Batman & Superman are the same type of hero and are heroes under very different circumstances. The idea is to capture what FRANK MILLER wrote with THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. An older and seasoned Batman, at the top of his game if not on his way out, not to mention the actor must be cut from the same cloth as CAVILL.


And I can see him being in the same classification of AFFLECK.


I simply believe that this backlash is like what happened with DANIEL CRAIG when he was chosen for BOND. Everyone lost their damn minds and started spouting hate, even if they didn't know who he was.


Then, after CASINO ROYALE hit, everyone pretty much ate their words and calmed the hell down. It is only day two.


I have full faith in the filmmakers, not to mention CHRISTOPHER NOLAN also still has a hand in the film, so I give them all the support as the die-hard BATMAN fan that I am.


I have faith in this project.



In Topic: Music: what are you currently infatuated with?

23 August 2013 - 06:16 PM

I'm digging the new David Lynch album The Big Dream.  Yes, that David Lynch. 

All of his albums are actually quite invigorating and demented. I love 'em.

In Topic: Ask Tim

18 August 2013 - 07:32 PM


JAMES!! - Dude! Good to see you here! Hellblazer won't be the same (which is to say a book worth checking out) until we get the snarky sonovabitch back to VERTIGO, or back to his 'ol self, anyways.

Not sure WHAT DC's angle on doing what they're doing to him must have been, but it ain't for me. Only thing I can compare it to is back in the late 80's, Jim Shooter wanted to take Shang Chi and turn him into a super-hero Ninja . . . Consequently, the great talent they had on the book got the fuck out (Doug Moench and Gene Day), jumped ship to DC to take over DETECTIVE. Sadly, Gene Day passed away before he got an issue in - at the age of 32.

Part of me still blames Shooter. So yeah, YUCK.




- TB

I haven't read the new CONSTANTINE comics brought on by THE NEW 52. Though, I have checked out JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, and all I can truly say is that making JOHN CONSTANTINE a young chap with a lot of snazzy dialogue mixed with magic has me coming back to see what happens next. This is mainly due to the fact that they have an ensemble cast in the mix for him to interact with. It is worth a look if not for the artwork alone.


Alright, another question. I might have asked it before, but I've always been a big fan of the people you get to model for your covers (I've always wanted to be involved in that) and was wondering how one goes about getting that gig. How do you pick the people, and is it like a right place/right time sort of thing? Because if that is the case then name the time/place and I am most certainly there. :D