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Yesterday, 07:43 AM

They really need to do a First Avenger/Cold in July riff with Frank. Set the next film in the early 80's. Make Frank a Vietnam vet. Make his adversaries challenging, intelligent, and formidable. Not cartoony. Hell, hire Jim Mickle to direct it. That guy seems like he would understand exactly what to do with Frank.


On the subject of Lexi, I really think she is capable of making something cool. She will hopefully get to have that moment where she connects with a script and it resonates for her. I think GSH was close, it's a good film, and maybe that's the film she will be remembered for. PWZ will not be, at least not for me. ;)


It's funny, I have not read the Sutter script but I remember Tom and even Sutter mentioning how much they hated it. When the guy who wrote it pipes in and says it was shit, then it really must have been Sutter wiping his ass with the character and cashing a check.


The interview was worth a listen though, thanks for the link.

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Yesterday, 07:22 AM

I hate to see this stuff happen. RAW has a lot of projects that are interesting and well crafted and I hope they get made. We're lacking the kinds of comics and films RAW promises to make.

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04 December 2014 - 06:46 AM

Looks good. Looking forward to seeing this one.

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01 December 2014 - 06:53 PM

The story struck me the same way when I read about it. Think about how Scott Eastwood must have felt. His father has a reputation for being one of the most prepared, calm, and intelligent directors in the business, and the film's producer and star doesn't even know the damn script?

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21 November 2014 - 07:19 AM

Yeah, I have a lot of friends and family in the service too. I grew up with 2 brothers who fought in Vietnam as marines, so there was always a lot of discussion about the subject of what it's like to be in the military. The impression I got though, was that only 1 of my brothers had ever killed a person in combat. I never discussed it with either of them. Now a lot of my buddies from high school have either been active for 20 years, or they have gone back to civilian life to be with their family. But I know a few of them have seen serious combat.


I'll have to look up Hornet's Nest. I like seeing truthful documentaries about combat.


I agree with your selection of favorite scenes too. The scene with the girls, and the eggs was just a fantastic exploration of character and performance. I loved it. The guys crashing into the meal was interesting for so many reasons. The jealousy they had at WarDaddy choosing to spend time with Lerman/Machine. Being drunk, and not considering that maybe he needed time to be a normal person. And I think, ultimately they wanted that too. I also thought it was interesting that Gordo and Coon would choose to have sex with that lady in the tank. That was the safe place in the middle of the war for them.


On the subject of killing a child during combat, I have always said the same as your cousin. I would not hesitate. I suspect for a different reason. When I was younger I was a much colder person than I am now. More deliberate. Less caring. Much less empathetic. It was just part of the job I was ready to perform.


Today, the situation where I would find myself faced with the decision to shoot a teenager is different. It's a long story, but when I lived in Atlanta I found myself in the middle of a gang shootout outside of my home. I was armed, I was ready to kill. I knew it would likely have been a kid. I'm the kind of person who has worked hard for the little I have, I love my family. It's an easy choice for me. I don't think I would hesitate.


I've lived in lots of cities. I was as prepared for home invasions and break in as possible. Mentally speaking, but I also usually have a good security system in our house. I would not have a problem shooting an intruder.


I live in the country now. But I still keep a weapon close. Home invasions are super rare up here, but meth is a big drug around here and I'm aware it can bring a person to do something stupid. I still enjoy training though, and there is some great places to do that here.


Back to Fury. Scott Eastwood had a small role. He's Clint's oldest son, and he looks a lot like his dad. I watched for him, I wanted to see his screen presence. I'm not sure if it was just the script, but he never made an impression. He was there and gone quickly.