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    Crown Vic

  2. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    Ive just received my copy of the trailer!! YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LOVE IT. Will post it as soon as im allowed, hopefully later but if you check out Alec Baldwins Instagram he is the one releasing it.
  3. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    As far as im aware there are no concrete plans for international release yet. I think this will depend on the domestic sales. (Cinema) but its also going to download and DVD so I expect this is how we will see it over here but I could be wrong.
  4. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    Banners now appearing socially, I think its the legit poster, to many variations appearing.
  5. She is. This went up last night but only got emails this morning so its up on her insta, nice to see her posting them both.
  6. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    Producers just confirmed its official but a draft and not how how it leaked on line.
  7. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    Leaked on line, waiting to see if legit. Hope so as I really like it.
  8. Thomas is now on Location and filming has commenced little internet access but he will whatsapp me any pics he can take and Ill put em up.
  9. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    Pics from Anjul and Greg at Buffalo Film Fest showing Crown Vic
  10. Geoff

    Forum Upgrade

    Glad you like. Figured you all deserved something. It's an admin thing. Nothing to worry about.
  11. The full picture from Amanda that Tom posted yesterday.
  12. I actually spoke to him a bit on this as I wanted to know if he was taking the same approach as he took in DC by story boarding each scene and blocking out way before. What im keen not to do is add more pressure on him to produce anything other than a great episode but we kicked about a few bits. Actually thats both commercial and creative, more a case of schedules rather than burn out, certain episodes require say more tense role play stuff where as other require more action so its good to draw upon individual director experience. Its actually a great way to get the best of of the material. Oh there are often big production meetings where there is as much seamless continuity as possible, same sets and people help but again as above it kind of depends what in the episode. The real question here is what type of episode is Thomas taking on? - I don't know before you ask Unsure at this point. See below. This is my understanding but I think Thomas is going and shooting and then going into post of the episode. I expect this to take place End of Oct through Nov buts thats a guess at the minute. Normally I think only two episodes are shot at a time for that very reason on TV, but I know from talking to him that The Expanse shoot moves at lighting speed, Thomas (based on what others have said) is an "Actors director" he spends a great deal of time getting it right but its going to be cool to understand what he likes to do for rehearsals here and number of takes etc.
  13. Thomas is an avid reader so if he has had the time then he would have, if not heal go from the scripts.
  14. Geoff

    TJ Q & A

    I'll do my best, might be a good time as we would have more to update on Renegade, The Lycon, The Expanse, new releases and films that are trying to be locked in now that obviously arnt up yet, plus ya know Christmas and all that. I'll keep everyone posted but im not gonna lean it on Tom for a bit yet.
  15. Total pass on that too. Ill schedule him in before the end of the year but thats about all I could stretch too for now.
  16. I think that differs person to person. For example Clint Eastwood finds it dead easy to do both but I know Thomas found it quite hard in DC so when we were all talking about AMDFASH he really just wanted to direct that and focus there. Thomas does like complete focus so he can give it his best so im not sure that Miller will be in S5 and this may be one of the reasons Tom was cool with agreeing to do it as he would be able to focus on it. Pass - Good question for the next Q & A.
  17. LOL, I slept for like 10 hours totally unheard of. Ask away I'll answer what im allowed too.
  18. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    Thanks gang. I guess its about commercials again rather than the art or the feel of the work. Simple logic being is you see Toms and Lukes face, you're drawn to it if you know either of them but didn't know the film existed. Which is I stick my business owners head on I totally get.
  19. Geoff


    Hi Nealyh, There is not one clear answer as everyone's career is different and started differently but the below link is an hour interview taken back in 2011 with Tim Bradstreet (almost being interviewed by Thomas) but in a lot of it is Tim talking about how he got to where he is today so might help. https://youtu.be/0B326xSPSxQ G
  20. Right, with ya. Deal was done around beginning to mid Sept so he has been looking at it for a little while now and totally in the zone with it. Sorry long day.
  21. hahahahaha - Deal is done hence why im able to mention it but I think its best for know to stay within the forum, that's one of the benefits of being here.
  22. Geoff

    Crown Vic

    lol, thx. This one was done back in Aug so its not the final one hence why I can share it but I dont think the final sheets will be too different.
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